Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Uh oh!

One comment on yesterdays post from someone who had previously disappeared off the face of the planet, and I miss one day of posting!! ;-) just joking!!
I did take photos for it, just never got round to are the pics, though the spinach isn't 5ft high, yet!
That turquoise stuff is slug pellets, didn't want to use them, but my love for my spinach has won out!!
Mah petunias... Mah Hops (yes, as in beer!)
DHs man, complete with catnip and nastursiums (sp??), and DDs patch
One final photo taken this morning
It's like a scene from "The Scottish Play" - "when shall we three meet again?" What have they got? Why have they put aside their kitty dislike (P and A love each other a lot, it is just Topsey that rocks the boat)...what has happened? Well, 5 mins before this was taken, Pumpkin was arse up in the mint, I didn't think too much about it, but then witnessed this!! P was after a toad, and got it, she then took it to the middle of the vast postage stamp of grass that we have, and obviously whistled for the others - in this photo you can see Topsey giving it a poke...they spent about 10 mins with it before they got bored and wandered off. Toady was very good at playing dead, and when he was sure they had gone, he hopped off. Gotta love a canny toad.......
Off to take more piccies (after I have cleared this bloody memory card)....did I happen to mention its my birthday???!!!??!!


Anonymous said...

Oi, I hope you are not being rude to me ......
Happy Birthday Sexy!! Have a lovely day.
Love that Easter Island plant holder!
Off to have a drink (fruit) in your honour!
lotsa love, lulu

Bezzie said...

Happy Birthday!

We ARE petunia twins!