Sunday, 28 February 2010


 could be off line for a while, computer is misbehaving and I can't use dds ipod touch! Bloody computer!!!
ps date night was good, thanks for your good wishes x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Date Night...

She was a little nervous, but I think she will have a lovely evening...

DD: Mum, why are you blogging it? sigh!!
Me: Because in about 20 years time it will be lovely to look back and remember the excitement!! Trust me, I'm a mum x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Oohhh DD has a first date tomorrow night...

She has invited a friend for a sleep-over tonight, so they can finalise details. Get the outfit right, make sure the make up is ok, get the hair just so, and have pizza and salad for dinner so she can practise eating said items without getting food all over herself.
The scary thing is, the 80s have come back with a vengence, so she is standing in the kitchen pretty much wearing what I wore 20+ years ago!! It is really quite scary. Is this how my mother felt, no actually it wouldn't have been but that is a whole nother story that I won't bore anyone with!!

Anyhoo, DD looks lovely, and I am so pleased for her, she is so excited.

Think of her tomorrow evening, on her first date, as I think back to mine and know just how she is feeling - excited, anxious, apprehensive, delighted, grown-up yet child-like.

My beautiful daughter.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Why is it when.... want to eat healthily, what you really want is one of these??
I need to lose some weight, I want to lose some weight - not a huge amount, but nonetheless it would be good to shift a few pounds. So...I set my mind to eat more healthily, and do 1/2 an hour on the Wii Fit everyday. I have been eating more healthily, we are eating fish, veg, green veg, fruit, salad, I am not snacking....and I have been doing my bit on the Wii. Now admittedly this has only been really serious for about a week, but I have lost nothing!! Nada, zilch, bugger all!!! How pissed off am I?? I may as well go and grab a muffin (just that I can't as these were made a few weeks ago). And now I am sitting here at 7.40pm having had cod and spinach (ew!!) for dinner, I am not hungry, but goodness could I graze!! my plan is to have ONE dark chocolate button later, and goodness will I savour it - sigh, I need to dig in and tell myself that it will be worth it and I will start losing soon. But why is it when you set your mind to lose weight, does it not just happen overnight....that is rhetorical btw hee hee!

Anyway, to take my mind off my grazing wants, I'll show you a little of what I have been up to.
In this basket is lots of (yes, I am wearing Christmas PJs!!):

Lots of these.....

which convert into lots of these.......

and then make me some of these:

please tell me the curling will go when I join them all together and that I don't need to redo them cos my tension is crap :(

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So much time, so little posting....Cat photos at end of post...

so please feel free to skip the words and head straight to the furry goodness...
Has it really been so long since I posted, and with so many intentions?? Goodness, and what have I achieved of updating the blog?? Nothing...... oh well, it isn't the end of the world! Lots of other things have been happening. I have been busy with the busy things of life - you know the kind of thing, life's little necessities, you would rather not do them, but they do need doing. If I cast my mind back I will bore you with what I have been up to.

First off before the meeting I mentioned, we remerchandised the shop. A group of about 6 of us got our mojo on, and moved and tidied up about half of the stock. It looked so much better for it, and the sense of achievement was immense, but rapidly followed by a feeling of sheer exhaustion both physically and mentally. The meeting went well, and everyone came to inspect the shop - it was the first time most people had seen it, so it was good to be able to show them around our new "home". The following week was a normal working week, with my holiday starting on the Saturday, but to be honest I got to Wednesday and decided I needed to finish earlier, I really needed the time off. So after I made sure it was ok, I finished on the Thursday night, and have been off since - 12 days off, doing nothing!!

DD went on a school trip to Berlin and Krakow, so we had the first weekend to ourselves. We pottered around locally and had a lovely lunch at a local pub: The Bell in Alderminster. We drive past this pub nearly every weekend, and every time we drive past it, we say that we must really go in, and we finally did - it has only been about 20 years!! The food was good, and we will definitely go back.
I finished painting the dining room - 5 coats of red on one wall that was then covered back up with books. Why did I do that?? I guess it is because I know it is there and that makes me happy!!

What else did we do (DH was off with me)

We got a call from DD to say that they had missed their flight, so wouldn't be home til Wednesday. So what did we do? Go into panic and scramble the jets of International Rescue to get our baby back? No, we jumped in the car and went to Bicester Village. I had the intention of spending money at Ms Kidston. Did I? No!! I spent nothing on me, but spent £60 on DD at Jack Wills - how did I do that when she wasn't even with us, or indeed even in the country. DH bought 2 coats - this is the man who always goes to Bicester Village as a chauffeur as he is never going to spend any money - he bought a suit at Paul Smith last time!! When DD finally came home (they got flights the next day and arrived about 24 hours later after a night in the bars of Krakow - sounds hellish, she said it was tough!), she wanted to go to Jack Wills, so as the weather was so foul on Thursday we went back Bicester Village. I finally managed to succomb to goodies in CK - 2 metres of fabric for a bathroom blind, a pair of slippers (her slippers are fab), a peg bag (how exciting is my life!!), and a childs suitcase to keep "special" bits in. And Jack Wills managed to mug me to the tune of a furry hoodie and a fabulous aran cardie for me.

The weather had been awful. I am fed up with the cold weather. Maybe we should all arrange a collective calling to the Spring - what are you all doing at 10am on Sunday?? There have been small signs - snowdrops, a bit of blue sky, a hint of sunshine but the winter has been hanging around for too long now. I usually get so excited by snow, but even I am not squeeing at the sight of flakes now - I would really like some warmth now.

The bathroom is not being decorated just yet. When we sat and looked at the paper, we both decided it was not right, I was gutted as I loved it. We have a couple of other options and I was about to order another that we had both fallen in love with, but then I noticed that some of the pointing has come out from under the tiles on the eaves, and DD's bedroom window needs replacing so the money is going to be used in much more boring but necessary ways.

Hhhmmmmm, what else have we done? We have got a new lodger. Please meet Why Why (formal name: Delilah):
Isn't she pretty?

The natives are coming round to the idea (thanks to Feliway)

Back to work tomorrow, so I am spending my last day off going for tea and cakes with DD and DH later this afternoon. Wrapping up against the weather, and cuddling furries

Why Why moulting on my bed!!

P. McGee snuggling in and hoping the humans don't come too close (she hasn't noticed yet that Why Why has her tail - this manx cat isn't that bright and hasn't questioned why a white cat has a black tail!)

Hoo Hair dehyrating against the radiator

The Ninja didn't want to be photo'd, he had been asleep but got the sniff of kibble.

Question for the day: why do none of our cats have the names that they were originally given:
Archie has a few names, but the mostly used one is Ninja as in Ginger Ninja
Pumpkin has lots of names: P. McGee, McGee, Pumps, P-Ness (we don't shout this one outside the house!), Cato (cos she jumps out on Topsey from behind doors) to name a few
Topsey, known as Hoo Hair, Tops, Hulah Mallulah, and
Delilah, who has only been here 2.5 weeks, and is already known more commonly as Why Why (thank you, Tom Jones),and DeeDee

Is this the same with all cats nowadays?? Or do I live with a 4 cats each with multiple personalities. Good job it doesn't happen to DD. Actually it does she is known as various things too, but I won't embarass her today. I'll leave that for another day.

Must go. Oh no, it is snowing again!!!!

DON'T FORGET: Sunday morning 10am