Sunday, 18 November 2007

OMG DON'T tell the girls.......


I couldn't even type about this......the girls are recovering from their operations and then I see this.....

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I caught you....

5 minutes before this photo was taken we had about 20 starlings in the vine eating the black grapes...Pumpkin saw this, and realised that perhaps it might be a good place to sit, look at the guilty face...she then sat there for about half an hour looking at the sky wondering where all the birds had gone. She sat and waited, and looked at the sky, and waited some more.......funnily enough, the starling didn't come back, well not until Pumpkin had come back in.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I got me a Charlie Brown...

and what a Charlie Brown I got! Look at this goodness - where shall I start, how about here:
Door hanger (which is hanging on the door), and a couple of paper lanterns which will be perfect with my tea lights (battery, of course).
LOTS of chocolately goodies......look, LOTS...M&Ms, Caramel Kisses, Canadian Money AND white chocolate ghosts (all mine).
Blood Pops - sound great, can't wait to try these.....and chunky Herseys....hhhmmmmmmmm
AND some knitterly bits - look, 2 balls of cotton, halloweeny colours - isn't the one on the right like candy corn :-)
and some fabulous stitch markers

2 with candy corn on, and 2 black cats (yay for black cats!!) why do we not get such great beads in the UK....these are fab, I love 'em. Look at the tin they came in, made in GB but I have never seen them here - strange heh!

and a little parcel just for DD - lip gloss, another to add to her collection of 100s, or maybe even 1000s - key lime pie flavour. I almost missed this photo, as she had run away with it to her bedroom.

And all of this loveliness came from the wonderful Blu Roux - the wonderful but blogless Blu Roux, so I can't direct you to her and her generosity, but we still heart her, a LOT!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Poorly ill and bloody cats

No pictures, no knitting, no food, just been in bed since Saturday, chucking up and aching like hell....nearly back to normal, so back to work tomorrow....
In the meantime Bitch Kitten #1 came and pissed in the bedroom yesterday, bless her. I dragged myself out of bed and sorted it and found out why...when DH was in charge over the weekend he didn't clean out the kitty litter tray - aahhhhh. Thank god for Febreze!
Then Bastard Old Cat #1, came upstairs and did the same this morning - for fucks sake! Luckily on both occasions it was on things I could throw away....and I did, rather quickly!
Then this afternoon Bitch Kitten #1 brought a headless mouse into the kitchen and padded it around a bit, when I tried to catch her and give the dead mouse a shread of dignity, she ran out into the garden with it, and I haven't seen it since.....

Thank goodness for lovely kitten #2, we love Pumpkin - mwah.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Another FO...

like buses, none for ages and then loads come along at once.... this is this hat, This is the 2nd one I have knitted, the first was for me, and this is for....shhh I can't say just yet - I am not sure the recipient reads my blog, I wouldn't be that presumptious, I am amazed that anyone stops by, but that is another story........

Here it is modelled by DD...

and this is the top, I love this bit...
the colour isn't quite true, it is slightly more jade.
Anyway, knitted in 2 days - oh, get me!!! in Noro Silver Thaw. It used a bit under a ball, so it is very economical, and yet so warm when it is warm. I hope she likes it.....

Onto today, my sister came over with one of my nephews, they have just moved to an hour away from us, so hopefully this will happen more often...we treated ourselves to fish n chips for is the sister:

and here is DD:

and here is nephew No 2:

No 1 stayed behind to go and see Ratatouille which he didn't enjoy, but he is only 5 so maybe it was a little long. Anyway, after lunch and a little retail therapy, we walked home and got a little distracted....

Doncha love Autumn!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Chemgrrl, you are such a star...THANK YOU!

First of all though, I will get this out of the way. Maybe the vent worked, thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever in the universe decided that the Post Office should move it's butt and find it. Here it is, the yarn for Tubey:
I chose the colour on spec, but I am really pleased with it. But I have a secret thing on the needles at the mo, so it will have to wait a couple of days.

But more exciting than this, a lot more exciting, we got this today, via the elusive postman:
a huge parcel from Chemgrrl. I put a shout out on Knitty for some Candy Corn for DD; you can't get it here, and as she has seen it on some many programmes on Nick and Disney, she decided she wanted to try it. But as well as Candy Corn, which is actually quite nice, this one contains honey (do they all?) and you can actually taste it.....we also got all of this:
Look at all that goodness: candy corn, flashing candy ring, wrapped parcels, stickers, peeps, cards - wow! Unwrapped, it all looks like this:

candy corn card, candy corn palying cards, pez head, pumpkin socks, and yarn for me......Archie was very interested and came and had a look - all orange together hee heeThe Rumpies were very impressed by the socks, especially Pumpkin. Here she is admiring them.
Then they were tired..... Look at my yarn...very nice, and extremely strokable, I am thinking pumpkin coloured Fetchings:

Here is a photo of a very happy teenager:

I don't why she looks as though she was grimacing - she wasn't, just a crappy photo. The cc has since disappeared to her bedroom, never to be seen again. Here is a photo of it for posterity.

Chemgrrl, what can I say? You are so generous, DD and I are absolutely bowled over, thank you so much. You certainly know a way to a 14 year old heart, and a Knitty's too. Thank you x

Now for something that will shock you. I DO KNIT! Look FOs.

First off, the Pinwheel Blanket. Knitted in Laines du Nord - Dolly Mixture. I got this for £16 for 10 balls at Woolfest in June. It is fabulous yarn, machine-washable merino wool, in such a gorgeous girlie pink. I want to keep this blanket. This has been machine washed, and ironed, and it looks great. Then a couple of petal bibs, these are pink and orange. Once again, washed and ironed.
Here is the 3rd. This is knitted in dishcloth yarn that Knitherapy sent me in a RAK a couple of months ago. It has knitted up beautifully, and now just needs it's ends weaving in.
And finally the Baby Kimono from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I knitted this is cotton, and am not overly happy with it. It is quite bulky and stiff, I know I know what do I expect, it is cotton, so I am not sure that it will be sent with the other goodies. I also used 2 balls of yarn (can't remember why) and although they are the same lot number, can you see the deliberate error? At least it is symmetrical I s'pose.
The baby was due last weekend, but we haven't heard anything yet, so rather than keep phoning and asking how things are going (didn't you hate that!) I am just going to parcel it up and send it out anyway.

I so want to keep that blanket, it would be so snuggly in the winter - sigh!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fall Out Boy Misheard lyrics - This aint a scene Arms race

all credit to the person that posted this on youtube.
very very funny

Blogstalking Week 5, a little late....

but nevertheless here it is...a statue from my town:
That is about all I have to say on it, nothing very exciting, especially compared to some of the others that I have stalked! Anyway, onto other things........rumpies (collective family name for 2 stumpy black kittens).

First of all, their first day of real rain - not impressed, can't go out....

nothing for it but to tart. Here I am tarting on a wet day! please note the good taste of the rumpie, she chose to lie on a colinette throw - see, I do knit, I just don't post it! sigh The other 2 just decided that the rain was obviously my fault, so refused to talk to me!

Onto other I went to the LYS to pick some bits up for some SPs, couldn't resist the colours....let's hope that they like them.
Then when I got home, we had received a postcard from Lulu. She is away checking out the italian stallions, but reckons she hasn't found any yet....I know her to be a bad liar, and I feel that she is just being kind, and trying not to make me feel jealous. Can't believe that that she thought of me when she was away - how kind. Looks like a beautiful place to go. Let's hope she has managed to stock up on yarn when she is away, as it is pretty scarce where she is...the card took 9 days to get here, which isn't bad considering the postal strikes continuing effects on deliveries, for all I know she may already be hone, but as she will be supporting South Africa tonight I won't be MSNing her:
Included this photo cos I love the colours and I suppose it is part of week 6 Blogstalking, but I need to give that one more thought.
This next bit is a vent, I will feel better for it, but you won't, so kip it...just go to the photo below.

My parcel of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that I have bought for Tubey has still not arrived!!! I am severely pissed off. I know it isn't the ebayers fault....she has over 1000 score and 100% feedback, it is the bloody post office. The one time I source the correct yarn - AAAHHHHHH! I went to my 2 LYSs today. The first one was closed when we got there, so DD and I stood and waited outside basking in the sunshine for DH who was sourcing Bitch stuff - remember her, please feel free to scroll down a bit and get even more bored shitless than this blog will normally make you. A couple of customers came and went (they weren't happy either as they wanted to spend some cash too). After about half an hour (he was drooling over tyres - sad bastard!), someone came and opened up, apologising that they were running a little late! a little late, it was nearly 12 on a Saturday - according to their sign, they open at 9.30am! So I guess that when they go bust I shouldn't be surprised. Whilst we were there as well as losing customers for being so late, she was also fielding pissed off customers who hadn't received their parcels due to the postal strike! Now again, I know they can't do anything about the strike, it is completely out of their control, in which case wouldn't you open your shop on time!
Onto our next LYS, full of yarn but I reined myself in, and only bought Rowan 39....I was going to indulge in some Cotton Glace to knit Bliss , but figured that if I bought that I would come home and find my Debbie Bliss stuff here, so I didn't buy it, and did I have my DB?? - did I fuck!!!!! Ggggrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Blogstalking 4...

3 things I love besides DH and DD, and 3 things I hate.....

I love this city (no, not Blackpool, though I might love it, I just don't no it yet, as I have never been). Not sure I can ever go back as my one visit couldn't have been better, and I don't want to spoil it - do you know what I mean? Though I would move there tomorrow....
I love Cornwall. How could you not love this place..........
And of course, I love these.....
Well, I strongly dislike this word! It is harsh, strong and very negative, and so it is banned from our house, so there is nothing more I can add to this post!

Friday, 5 October 2007

I had the need to bake......

after a book arrived from Amazon. I had seen it on this blog and after a little thought (like 2 seconds) ordered it, that and the fact it is half price at the moment - I have coveted this book for a long time. It is a beautiful book, the recipes are gorgeous - lots of things Cypriot, South African, Italian to name 3....the photos are fabulous. Now I want another of hers, but I am going to have to wait.......

So today I baked Sue's Rusks, which are in the South African section. They are like biscotti, are very easy to make and taste really good. Here is the "and now I have a pot on the go, I am going to bake" shot: And here is the finished item (with another pot of tea):
The girls wanted to say Hello, I think it has something to do with the dangling ties of my is Pumpkin:and here is Maddie

Right,I am off to order some wool (yes, I do knit - I just don't photo it that often - at all, actually) to knit some Fuzzy Feet. Lulu, my slippers that you sent have finally bitten the dust, so I am going to have a go at felting - ha ha! I will MSN you for advice, knowing how good our previous experiences have been...

I nearly forgot someone - look who has just crept into the room to grab some autumn sun:

Thursday, 4 October 2007