Friday, 4 July 2008

Something kinda Oooooohhhhhhhhh

When you are asked if you want the bad news first - what do you choose? I guess I go for the "bad news first" option - that way you can get the nasty bit over and done with and get onto the good bit ;-)
So first off, my new shoes. I really would have preferred the red ones, but these babies are selling out quicker than you can say "Do you REALLY think those can make your arse smaller???? hahahahahahahahaha! silly!!", so I went for Plan B, the green ones......yes I know mine are pink...the green ones are selling out quicker than my backside is shrinking too. I like the pink ones though, they are pretty, and more importantly they are so COMFORTABLE (yes, I am getting older!!). They are fab, they are like walking on air, everyone should have some, everyone who works in retail should have some, and yes I am going to get my red ones when they are available. And if they shrink my butt, so much the better!!!! These amazing things are FITFLOPS, I love 'em.

So I got the "bad news" bit over, here is the good bit....look what knittingozfan got me for my birthday - big squees!!!!!

Cut the top off, water and you'll get gerberas - I love these flowers and they are DDs favourites, so we are looking forward to these growing........

She also got me some mmmmmmmmmMalabrigommmmmmmmmmmmm. The colour is Orchid, and having had a look at Ravelry I have about 10 patterns stored that I need to choose from.

oh, what is that in the background? Does that really say "Emergency Knitting"? Why, yes it did she know that I really coveted one of these?? I had seen it on Turtlegirls blog. When I saw the post I left a comment saying how fab I thought it was, and that I would love one. I showed DH, he was suitably impressed (you can see the face now can't you). I didn't mention it to anyone else....I didn't know that knittingozfan had heeded my advice of reading turtlegirls blog, and although she hadn't seen my comment on the post, but she had seen the bag AND she got my one for my birthday.....look! more pictures....

yes, I know these 2 are virtually the same. For much better pictures click the link above.....more pictures though

I am absolutely made fab a pressie is this - it is so good, even T Malluh is impressed, so impressed she has posed next to the bag.......and in honour of Tops, I leave you with a few more cats...well it is Caturday tomorrow if I am not very much mistaken....

No photos of Archie, he wasn't feeling photogenic this evening...

forgot to mention, DH has been lucky enough to accompany DD and a friend to this tonight. It hasn't rained here yet, so I can only hope it isn't raining 9 miles away.

Right now this minute they are possibly witnessing the gyrating skinnies belting out these lyrics

I've got to heat it up, Doctor, got to heat it up
I've got till 3 o'clock, I've got to rock until you drop
Something kinda ooh, Jumping on my tutu
Something 'side of me, Wants some part of you oo-ooh
Something kinda ooh, Makes my heart go boom boom
Something 'side of me, Wants some part of you oo-ooh
Something kinda ooh, Jumping on my tutu
Something 'side of me, Wants some part of you oo-ooh
Something kinda ooh, Bumping in the back room
Something 'side of me,Wants some part of you oo-ooh etc etc

it goes on....I won't. I just know that DH is having the time of his life.....

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Bezzie said...

T Mullah seems to be thinking "Lady, I'll give you an emergency to knit about!" But I'm not sure your cats have the impish streak mine do.

Love the pocket garden! So clever!