Saturday, 19 December 2009

Almost there....

....the gravy has been started!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Not long now...

can't believe there is only a week to go, and I have only 5 more days at excited...

Our lovely tree - looking a bit washed out by the flash, but nonetheless it gives an idea.

My chalet will look so much better when the owners get home from work and put the lights on, and get rid of that deer from the forest!!

Ho, ho, ho - Happy Christmas :-)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Finally caught up - photo heavy....

but deservedly so.

First off, me and DH did our Christmas Shopping on the annual shopping trip to Birmingham though I only got 2 photos, one of him in Starbucks admiring the Christmas trees whilst sweltering with his coat on in front of the plate glass this one he is smiling (I told him it was for the blog so he made the effort, you should have seen the the first photo - miserable sod LOL).

and a photo of the merry-go-round...

Sum total of Birmingham photos. Despite this we had a lovely day, managed to get most of our shopping list, and had a bratwurst for lunch - what more could I have asked for????

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to show off my fab Secret Santa from Rachel. Here goes lots of photos:

First off, I received some holly fabric, and some red and white felt.

A box of choccies, which stuck around just long enough for the camera - yummy!
A beautiful hand made card - I love robins, favourite bird, such beautiful song and so friendly.

A gold bag with some fabby Christmas ribbons - she must have known I was about to order some. These have ho ho ho written on the red one, and christmas trees on the green one. Some pom-pommy things in Christmas colours, and some buttons.

3 candy canes - again stuck around just long enough for the camera. And a beaded book mark.

Balls of Pure Cotton - so soft, so lovely!

My favourite candle - cinnamon stick, already burning.......surrounded by snowflakes.

Don't you love this bag??!! All handmade, and such beautiful fabric, and it even has a hand sewn and embroidered tag, and look at the inside...

even more lovely fabric. And the finishing is so good.....that sounds bad, what I mean is it is so professional, and as hard as I try I can never quite do it. This has just inspired me to try harder. I LOVE this bag. Thank you.

Also, 'cos there is more.....

Look at this notebook. I absolutely love it. It could almost be my favourite part, but it isn't, as I love everything else too. But I do love this, the paper is lovely, and the colours are just my choice. I spent the week previous to receiving this parcel searching for papers and nowhere did I see anything as good as this. It is Amy Butler meets Cath Kidston somewhere in the '50s - have I told you I love it...look at the back, and the fab stickers...and the simple way to cover brads, I would never have thought of that, but I guess I am new to this kind of thing, but completely inspired to have a go.

This is almost too good to use (you haven't seen my handwriting!!)

And....there is more!

Bracelet and the exact same colours of an outfit I bought this summer but never wore cos the weather was crappy, and I had a T Shirt tan by the time I got the dress. I bought a strawberry red wrapover cardigan to wear with it, so this jewellery is perfect

Look at that as a colour match! Amazing - and I hadn't even blogged a photo of it before. I wish it was summer, I so want to wear this dress with my new jewellery.

The wrapping of the gifts was special too - so much thought had been put into everything.
Look at this string - red and white like candy cane.

And whilst I was photographing this, the girls looked on....

Audrey at the top, Amelie following, as always.

Rachel, thank you so much for my gifts. I am absolutely overwhelmed.

Happy Christmas to you and your family, and many thanks again for your fantastic generosity.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

No time!!

Like everyone else I have run out of time this weekend.
Work is super busy - busier than we expected, and we did expect busy, so this is mad!! But good ;-)

I promised to post piccies of the wondrous goodies that Rachel sent me.
I have taken photos, but I have just run out of time to post properly.
I know if I do it now I won't do it justice - so this is an apology, until tomorrow evening.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Secret Santa

Today I received the most fantastic secret santa parcel from fizzpopbang. I will post photos on Saturday when I get the chance to take decent photos in daylight (if we get any!!). In the meantime I would like to send huge thanks for my lovely gifts, I cannot believe how lucky I have been and can only hope that Rachel is half as lucky as I have been with her secret santa.

The Secret Santa was very kindly arranged by Kelly and Victoria.

I will post more on Saturday, as tonight I just couldn't do it justice.