Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Final Spring Fling Box....

and it is going to be a photo heavy post, as once again Lulu has surpassed herself with generosity! A huge parcel was delivered this morning, but look what it had wrapped around it....Customs had been opened and checked!!! Maybe they had read her recent post and decided that we needed checking out.
The first thing I took out isn't photo'd as I forgot in the excitement of everything, and it has disappeared upstairs and been used already. It is a pot of vanilla body moisturiser which is lovely and rich and smells heavenly. But when I got it out of the box, the pot was covered in moisturiser and the lid was cracked - oh well I thought, it can't have travelled well, never mind! Seemed a bit strange as Lulu always packs things really well, but the parcel had come a long way. It was only when I cleaned it up that I realised that the lid hadn't been cracked in transit, the pot had been checked by Customs and must have cracked then. When they opened it up to take a look, they inadvertently wiped some of the cream on the outside of the pot and that is how it got there...I wonder what they were looking for????? They can't have found it anyway, as the parcel got here in record time again despite the curiosity of people in Coventry.
In the box we also got some yummy sweets. DD is in love with the kisses, I have hidden the chocolate, and you only see one pack of Apple Rolls as I ate one pack with coffee this morning - they are delicious.

She also sent a magazine called Friday, which I am looking forward to reading later especially the article about Paulo Coelho whose work I love. Lulu had tracked down this info from somewhere - how fab an SP is she??
Then there were pencils for DD, who started a fashion and textiles NVQ today, so those will come in especially useful. And some fab post-it notes with a bite out of them, that no doubt DD will plaster round the house with instructions on - bless her!Look, some knitting bits - cotton for dishcloths, and loads of patterns that she tracked down for me for dishcloths and tablemats - she tracked down the fact that I love knitting dishcloths - stalker me thinks, not an SP.
There are also some plastic pockets to store projects in, and a round wotsit to store beads and bits in.
AND a shopping bag that packs down into a small bag. This was tested out this afternoon, and holds a lot and the cat was grateful as it also carries cat food.
Then DDs favourite - the camels! on a string! with a bell on their bottom! Here they are modelling some brilliant camel wrapping paper:
We had chickens hanging at the bottom of the stairs:
but now we have camels!!!! How many people have camels? There are an awful lot of chickens about, but I have never seen camels - well I have now!
Goodness, there is more: some South African things cos that is where she hails from. Some flags, a sticker and 2 flags (I hope I have positioned them the write way up), a grass rush mat which will be great on the coffee table and stop DH putting hot things straight down, and a really pretty beaded spoon which is far too nice to use.
And then a small tray each for our drinks - one each - yay!!!

I don't know what to say about this SP round. I was lucky enough to be matched with the nicest, kindest, funniest, most generous person I could have been matched with. Lulu has been absolutely brilliant. Because of her I have been introduced to MSN, and we chat to the wee small hours - more her than me,as she is 3 hours ahead, but it is still late. And we chat about nothing, though Italian Stallions and trips to the Lake District have made for fairly sensible breaks amidst the silliness. When she joins another SP round, and I know she will, whoever is lucky enough to get her will have a great time.
I have certainly found a friend - thank you Knitty x

In all this excitement, I forgot to post that I have an FO. And I have actually worn it. Description and pictures soon.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Ha, I have been tagged...

This is a new thing! A first! I have been tagged by Pixieriot
These, apparently, are the rules... Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. Ok, that I believe is it, now to think of 7 random things:
1. I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch - ideal knitting afternoon; a pot of tea, some malt loaf, rainy weather, a roaring fire and Sabrina on the telly.
2. I must be a wuss - I was born in Worcester - hee hee!!!
3. I can only go to sleep when I have socks on - bizarre but true
4. (This is DHs addition) - I like porridge - yeah I didn't think that was random either?!?!?!
5. I can't carry a bag on my left shoulder
6. I can wiggle my nose like Samantha
7. I have married a man who likes chocolate limes!!!

Nothing very random but it is my first to tag goes....I think I will tag...Bezzie, faerynuff, Lulu, knitherapy, weezalana, nell and purlpower.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Spring Fling SP......

Look what came in the post today...designed just for me AND named after the nick-name that my fab SP has given me......may I present...THE BLOSSOM

10 in total and each in a different colour! DD had to try one out this evening, so get the posh glass for her smoothie....and the way the little finger is posh!!!!!!

And here they are ready for use.........

I have to thank Lulu for these and a huge thanks too.......go check them out, enough requests and she may even publish the useful are these???? Just in time for my (cough cough) big birthday......

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Mum, Mum has he gone yet?

Who's that nasty man in the kitchen?

He's the gas-man, he has come to fit a new meter. He won't be long, don't worry.

But I'm a little timid....I'll think I'll sit here whilst he is working. You won't vacuum, will you?

No, I won't vacuum yet. You stay there until he has gone, ok? Archie? Archie? Are you ok? You've gone quiet!

Zzzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzz!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

I knew I would be in trouble....

as soon as I had put my laptop away, I saw Sadie (the sheep). After so much blogging I was just too tired to log on, I had to go to bed, but it was nagging away all night - too tired, as I had been so spoilt that my blogging took all evening, but then seeming ungracious for not making the effort for dilemma gave me a night of light sleep!!! So she has pride of place here:

Give it up for Sadie the Sheep, sitting flicking through a copy of a Rowan book - she has good taste. But one false move and that fleece will be mine - moohaha! I know the right people to teach me spinning!
Actually taking a real close look, who does she remind you of? It must the, I am just imagining it ;-)

I also wanted to say thanks to DH for my lovely flowers...I had had a really shitty day at work, so bad I walked out and came home at 11am, and he came home with these...with the smelly bits intact. I hate it when they get removed, what is the point, they don't smell then. I shut them away in the living room in the sun today with the door closed, and when I came home the smell is intoxicating, and has filled the house. Beautiful!

Reminder as it is May 3rd:
Don't forget to vote today! You may not have a clue what their reasons for standing are, because they probably haven't knocked on your door, but think of Emily Pankhurst and the rest of those very brave women, and get out there and do your bit!!!!!

After voting today I came home to a bill from Virgin for my TV, phone and broadband connection. I could feel my blood pressure rise just by looking at the envelope...and yes, it meant another bloody phone call to them cos the bill was wrong AGAIN. I chose the option "press 5 if you wish to cancel your contract" cos, silly me, I thought that they might answer that one a bit quicker (maybe they did - ha!) 20 minutes later Vic FINALLY anwered it. He was a real sweetheart, I so couldn't do his job....8 hours a day taking potentially abusive phone calls from women suffering from PMT, who have no wine in the house, and are fucked off that ONCE AGAIN they have to query their bloody bill - why can they not get it right...every month I have to call them, and their cycle of bill sending couldn't arrive at a worse time of the month for them! I would happily take on Rocky, and win! They bring it on themselves....anyway, I was very polite, and calm whilst mouthing abuse at the phone as I didn't want to upset him - they have so much power, they could hang up after I had wasted 20 minutes of my life just trying to get politeness paid off. I now have a 12 month discount of £30 (ish), which means I shouldn't have to call them for 11 months!!!! YAY, Vic! Though I think he was doing it to avoid having to talk to me again, and I am sure I have notes against my details on the screen - but what the hell, it worked!

I will keep my fingers crossed though, I don't have that much faith in one phone call! If anyone has Richard Branson's direct number, I would really appreciate it ;-)

To end on a positive note, today is the birthday of my best friend from Primary School. We lost contact a long long time ago. But her birthday was always extra special, as the fair used to come to the village we lived in, and we were allowed to go UNSUPERVISED - it was a very small fair and a very small village! So today I took the initiative. I googled directory enquires, and typed in her fathers name and the village we lived in, and got a number! I rang it, and it was her mum - who strangely enough didn't seem surprised to hear from me.....after a lovely chat, she told me that my friend is living about 9 miles away from me now - uncanny! They are seeing her for dinner this evening, and would pass on my best wishes. She took my number. So that could be a piece of cake and a cup of tea, and an afternoon reminiscing about what we got up to when we were little.


Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Look at what I got.....MORE!!!

Where do I start? Well this morning about 7.30am, the doorbell went and DH was the only one decent enough to answer it....and there was the postman with the most enormous box from my Spring Fling SP
Look what was in it - where do I start? First of all some reading material:

and a fab bag to keep my knitting in, which I duly did...took it to work, complete with knitting, pattern and lunch - now that is what I call a very useful bag! It is a great size, and has lots of pockets to keep bits separate and tidy in......

And here it is pictured with more goodies - a journal to keep knitting notes in, and a clip-on light to knit in bed at night - YES!!! Clicking in bed to annoy DH....

Talking of DH, he got some goodies too....he was only saying last week that he wanted a cap (to keep off the sun, doncha know!), and he got one and a sweat band, which will come in very useful with THE BITCH....he wants me to pass on a genuine big thanks...he would have modelled it, but guess where he is at the moment...yes, pounding the roads of Warwickshire!

Then, of course DD wasn't left out...look at her specially wrapped parcel, containing a camel (she has been MSNing LuLu about how she wants a camel - so she had her bluff called and is delighted). A packet of chocolates (which has disappeared), ANOTHER lipgloss (like she needs another), a note book complete with pen, and .........

a copy of an Archie magazine....yes, she has nearly finished it.
Then, and yes this is MORE!!!!!! some food, she knows the way to my heart....
look Maltesers! some Date rolls, which are going to be tried in a mo, some marshmallows (yummy), some sachets of coffee (there were 3, but DH snaffled one for work before I could photo them all), and some chewing gums...and no your eyes are deceiving you, they are really are - cinnamon (which I love), something called mustaka (is that mint???), cardamon (well, I can understand that, you tend to have cardamon after a curry), and yes, that really is COFFEE flavour - how strange! I'll let you know!
I can't believe how spoilt we have really is too much. Thank you so much xxxxxxxx