Monday, 30 April 2007

I present to you THE HOOVER BLANKET...

knitted for my downstream in SP8 - the lovely Faery Nuff. Here it is reclining on the trampolene!!!! It is where all the best Pr0n shots are taken - it must be the warmth of the black plastic (kinky ;-) )

I hope she likes is knitted in: Rowanspun DK (100% Pure New Wool) in shade 739 - which is a tweedy blue, just over 4 skeins (200g). Knitted on Clover Circs 4.5mm. The Hoover Blanket.

Anything I wouldn't do again? Yes, I wouldn't add the additional rows in the border as recommended, as it made mine a bit frilly - but that could be my knitting ;-). And I still can't get my head around this blocking business!!!

But all in all, it is soft, warm, cosy and I would definitely knit it again.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Chocolate Bear...

sent me her very first handspun wool...I can only apologise that my camera (for some reason) doesn't like to photo the colours that well....there is a MUCH better picture here - thanks for the link, Chocolate Bear.

I knitted it into 3 flowers from this link that Seven recommended- 5 petal, 7 petal and 9 petal, and made this........topped off with a ladybird, though I think I might be on the look out for a pink velvet button....

once again, I apologise for the crap pictures, but no matter how many photos I take of it, my camera just doesn't "GET" it!

This'll be worn very proudly at Woolfest

My living room smells lovely....

Not sure if this is what I was supposed to do with my cinammon sticks from my SP, but I have, and the plate is sitting in the sunshine, and the warmth of the sun is bringing out a beautiful warm cinnamony smell....hhhmmmmmm

Saturday, 28 April 2007

I went to my LYS, and I gave in...

and bought could I not! It is Colinette Giotto in colourway Pierre, and it is for a wrap front cardigan..I wasn't going to, but she had one knitted up in the Web of Wool and it just called to me...and like the weak willed person I am I gave in:

This is all of it, reclining on DDs trampolene.
And here are some close-ups:

What more can I say, I feel it it speaks for itself....sigh.......
And if you can tear yourself away from the beauty of my pr0n, I have also added a piccie of Oreo - DDs hamster....a photo was promised sometime ago, and after a bit of poking he surfaced for a quick photoshoot...
I'll get her to take a better photo another day, when he has overcome the shock of flash cameras!!
Today, I also planted out my boys....oh god I hope they survive the night. It is the first time they have been out on their own, in fact it is the first time they have been out, and on their own. I only planted out half (just in case).....please think of my boys tonight

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Spring Fling!

Look what arrived this morning, from my fab SP in the Spring Fling.....can you believe DH, he said, "come on now, we have to go to work!!!!! DD and I managed to rip into it, and grab out a couple of things...

I managed to grab these...hhhmmmm my favourite! But look, they are from the UAE - can you believe that Oreos have made it that far round the world. I haven't opened them yet, I daren't, I'll eat them!

And DD ripped into these...sorry no photo, I wasn't quick enough!

Then, never one to boast as you know! Look at this lot, all in one box.....a magazine from UAE, look at those cakes on the front. I think DD will have to have a go at those....

Some proper whole cinnamon - how did you know I love it? Did I give it away on my questionnaire? cos I also got some orange and cinnamon smelly things...

AND some yummy orange and cinnamon tea...I'll have some of that in a bit

Then there were some very interesting looking dates....they sound delicious.

Then there was more...LOOK! Pampering things...girlie things......yay!
And a lovely smelly candle! That will definitely be burnt whilst taking a very llllloooooonnnnnnggggggg bath! And finally, a fab book that look like it has a lot of ideas, just look at the slippers on the front. A girl can never have enough slippers......

Then on top of all this Spring Fling goodliness, DD gets a parcel in the post from LuLu...3 lovely knitting patterns. The suggestion is for her to choose her favourite and for me to knit it....DD's knitting skills will be coming on quickly. Knit damn you child, knit!

Sorry I somehow lost photo number 3! It has been a long day - I will find it and add, but for now I just want you to admire my spoiledness!! I am off to bask in the loveliness of my SP!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Stat counters....

Doncha just love em. I love seeing who has been to visit and where they came from...there are a lot of people I don't know who they are, but I love seeing where they come from: Canada, Japan, China, USA, Spain, UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany (sorry if I have missed you out - I am always overwhelmed by the amount of people who stop by), and today my first visit from Portugal - Ola! I lived there for 5 years (some time ago) but I can't get it out of my system, I love everything about it...especially the pastel de nata.....
who else has come by today??????? My SP from the Knitty Spring Fling , the lovely Lulu. Woo Hoo - hello!

Big thanks to Weezalana.....

look what she sent over for DD...An "I heart NY" T-Shirt. DD has been desperate for one of these for years, and now she has one. She got home before I did, and phoned and said that we had a very exciting parcel from the US - she loves these exciting parcels as much as I do. So I said for her to put me on speakerphone and open it, I wanted to hear her reaction, but she also needed 2 hands to be able to rip into it. She said that inside was a letter for me, and a parcel in a ziploc bag. She opened this and I asked if she could see what it is yet (Thanks Rolf) and she said no as it was wrapped in tissue...............................................................................................2 layers! Then with a lot of ripping of paper she was in, it was the long dreamt of "I Heart NY" T Shirt. Was she happy????? What a silly question! She was delighted! She is sitting here wearing it now (with her pj bottoms), I am not sure I am going to get the chance to wrestle it off her for weeks. I haven't had a chance to photo it yet (that will be a fashion-shoot opportunity in Stratford this weekend - if you happen to be in Stratford come and jump into the photos, and get on the blog), but she had already done the picture above to say a very big thank you to Weezalana

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Spring Fling Collusion!

2 packets in the post today from my Spring Fling SP Love2spoilU - That was lucky for the postman, he avoided a major stalking, and he was early so I didn't have to pace whilst I waited for him.......well, there is obviously collusion going on somewhere because I received 2 near identical envelopes:
BUT, they came from 2 very different parts of the world....This one sent by Lulu in UAE,

which had this in it...look!

3 Ferrero Rocher (Monsieur, with these chocolates you really are spoiling us), and as my household know - "3 is a magic number, oh yes it is, it's a magic number!!!" A set of Anne Geddes baby photo stickers with a little rhyme on them, and a parcel labelled "Here's hoping all your wishes come true", and inside was a magic lantern. I loved the way this was thoughtful. It has already had a bloody good polish, but nothing won't stop me, I know he is in there somewhere. I also think it is an incense burner, well that is what I have used it for, as well as rubbing it for the genie. Now I am working on my 3 wishes. God, that is a few "3's" so far in this post, it really is a magic number.

Isn't it cute?

My other envelope came from here:

so it could have been sent by...hhmmm, I wonder, I'll have to have a think on that one. And it contained: a cat book mark, don't you think he looks a little like Archie only a little livelier; a note from my SP, and a fridge magnet with DDs favourite birds on it, with a lovely picture sees it on the fridge.... along with all of my "stuff" on the fridge. God, it does need sorting...
Thanks SP, you really are spoiling me, 2 pressies in one day. I was only expecting 1 in the whole of the Fling. Now to figure out whether you are:

a) Lulu, in collusion with someone in the States,

b) Someone in the States in collusion with Lulu,

c) Someone somewhere else, in collusion with the usual suspects, or

d) I have lost the plot completely......hhhmmmmmm...I know what my therapist would say! Ha ha!

I never was any good at Guess Who.

Something else that my fab SP sent me was this
I really don't know quite how to paste it as a clickable picture link, but click on it,and I hope it leads you to as much laughter as it lead me to.

This post was brought to you whilst listening to:

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Today seemed like a good day to....

oil one of the kitchen worktops. I have put it off for ages. It is one of those jobs I hate, but I don't know why. Anyway, here is a sticky work top......

And here is my dining room!!!!

Now it needs another coat, and then I have the other side to do...deep joy!

My Boys..

Remember these, well look at 'em now!
A close up of squashes (ready for Halloween):

Sweetcorn, bush tomatoes and bush courgettes. I am planning a 3 sisters planting method:

And here we have: hanging basket tomatoes, pumpkins and squashes....

A pot of basil:

A DD bought herself a pot of gerberas:

And here is a collective mini allotment


Finally, some yarn! This arrived in the post today. I bring to you Colinette Jitterbug in Jay. Isn't it beautiful...a little yarn pr0n, I couldn't help myself.