Sunday, 18 November 2007

OMG DON'T tell the girls.......


I couldn't even type about this......the girls are recovering from their operations and then I see this.....

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I caught you....

5 minutes before this photo was taken we had about 20 starlings in the vine eating the black grapes...Pumpkin saw this, and realised that perhaps it might be a good place to sit, look at the guilty face...she then sat there for about half an hour looking at the sky wondering where all the birds had gone. She sat and waited, and looked at the sky, and waited some more.......funnily enough, the starling didn't come back, well not until Pumpkin had come back in.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I got me a Charlie Brown...

and what a Charlie Brown I got! Look at this goodness - where shall I start, how about here:
Door hanger (which is hanging on the door), and a couple of paper lanterns which will be perfect with my tea lights (battery, of course).
LOTS of chocolately goodies......look, LOTS...M&Ms, Caramel Kisses, Canadian Money AND white chocolate ghosts (all mine).
Blood Pops - sound great, can't wait to try these.....and chunky Herseys....hhhmmmmmmmm
AND some knitterly bits - look, 2 balls of cotton, halloweeny colours - isn't the one on the right like candy corn :-)
and some fabulous stitch markers

2 with candy corn on, and 2 black cats (yay for black cats!!) why do we not get such great beads in the UK....these are fab, I love 'em. Look at the tin they came in, made in GB but I have never seen them here - strange heh!

and a little parcel just for DD - lip gloss, another to add to her collection of 100s, or maybe even 1000s - key lime pie flavour. I almost missed this photo, as she had run away with it to her bedroom.

And all of this loveliness came from the wonderful Blu Roux - the wonderful but blogless Blu Roux, so I can't direct you to her and her generosity, but we still heart her, a LOT!!