Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween x

Halloweeny Mugs! Love these - found them here. I just love them, bone china and very pretty.
Then, as it is Halloween, we popped along to my favourite place this time of year - Charlecote Plants and Flowers. It is a lovely, magical place to go at any time of the year, but Autumn is special. Just take a look at these photos....

And just to make it even more special, the sun came out today to make is even more magical.
Happy trick or treating!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Here come the girls....

Bloomers! hee hee!

Audrey at the front, Amelie at the back.

Amelie Chicken

Audrey Chicken.

My once quite nice garden!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Quick review of 2009...

Slightly blurry dahlia from last autumn - I love this rich wine colour, beautiful.

These colours are just gorgeous, so warm and rich.

This was a rose from last autumn, that grew in the garden. DD and DH gave me this plant years ago, and despite my lack of green fingers, the hacking back that it has infrequently, and the fact that the chickens have discovered the beds - it continues to bloom so spectacularly. It asks for nothing, but never fails to give so much - beautiful.

I have been looking through photos and realised that I haven't really taken any this year. I posted a few yesterday and the only other ones are less than 10 that I look on holiday this year - yes, just 10. I need to get this rectified - tomorrow I am in the garden with the girls (the feathery kind) so there will be new photos.....

Mevagissey, July 2nd 2009.

View from Fowey, July 2009

View from Fowey and a rainbow, July 2009

View from one of my most favourite places - the cafe at the Tate St Ives.
I could sit here all day just experiencing the view.
St Ives is my favourite place for so many reasons:
The colours, the views, the people, the atmosphere, the deckchairs, the cream teas, the peace.
Is it as good to live there as it is to visit?
Do the people who live there feel the way I do when I visit, all the time?

Feel the force, Luke!

Is it obvious that there is a disctinct difference in the photos of 2009 versus 2008? Could it be something that has just bitten me on the bum!! Wow, that was a message!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Such a lot has happened since my last post. DD has grown up - this is her going to her Prom....

Ha Ha!! Not this one; since I last posted, we have actually got chickens, Audrey and Amelie - bad photos - would you believe DD is doing photography at college - her proper stuff is a lot better, I will ask her to take daylight piccies.
The top photo is Audrey, so is the bottom one, apparently the photo of Amelie made her look fat - go figure?!?!