Monday, 28 February 2011

I have started a small collection...

These are from our local antique barn.

This picture so reminds me of primary school. I had a picture of a duck above my peg.

This picture takes me right back, it is so evocative I can feel the carpet on my legs.

I had to include this one as it made me laugh!! DD is having none of it, so DH will not be lucky enough to receive one of these on Father's Day.

And this picture......bloomin' chickens are the same whether real of fictional!!

Egg count today: 2
Audrey: 1
Amelie: 1

Egg sandwiches for lunch tomorrow and frittata for dinner!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wet Sunday...

egg count: 2.

Amelie - 1, Audrey - 1.

Good Girls x

Friday, 25 February 2011

Another day....

.....more crocheting.
Please meet The Crochet Cat - Topsy.
She likes nothing more than sitting on my lap when I am knitting/crocheting. She loves being wrapped in whatever is being made, and she likes to be hot. In fact, she is known to sweat a little - EW!
Crochet Cat Heaven.

She is also happy to have yarn all over her. She doesn't eat it, chew it, or even bother with it, so there is none of that acky pulling it from the back of her throat.

Unlike this one. The Tail-less Wonder...P McGee (Pumpkin). I love this photo, taken yesterday as she was trying to hide from the painter.

This is a quick shot of the one surviving flower from Valentines Day. DH came home last night and asked who the rose was from...doh!

And finally, to those of you who still want chickens, look at my garden and think again. The bottom photo is a bad shot (through glass otherwise you get chased as they try and rush into the house). But can you see where my bluebells are? My bleeding hearts? My cowslips? No?? Thought not! The girls have eaten them!!
And to add insult to injury....egg count today is 0.
The bright green bowl in the first shot is Audrey's porridge bowl, Amelie prefers apples.
The garden hasn't photographed too badly, it really is a LOT muddier than it looks.

Back to work tomorrow. Assignment is done, I will give it a spell-check and tidy up on Sunday night before I hit the dreaded "Send" key, but it is done.

But now, back to some more of this
and a cup of tea

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The sun is shining...... is like Spring, and the girls have been laying!
It really is hit and miss. They started relaying on January 1st, and then stopped again. Had a slight spurt at the beginning of February, and then stopped, and then this morning Amelie laid an egg. 

and with the sun out, it seemed like the ideal time to show you my latest treat....
Isn't he lovely? I am so happy with him. He has lived at the local antiques barn for some time, and has been there for our last few visits, so I decided he had to come and live with us. I knew I would be so upset if on my next visit he wasn't there. But there is a problem.....he doesn't hold water that well. I filled him full of water and daffodils on Saturday afternoon, and discovered on Sunday that the water seems to leak out of the base, and has marked my mantlepiece. I am not worried about the mantlepiece, but would welcome any ideas that anyone might have on how to make him water tight. he has a glaze and there appear to be no cracks or holes, but he is a leaker! But with a face like that, I can forgive him anything.

And finally I wanted to photo my blanket in the sunshine, thank you so much Attic 24 for your inspiration, I would never have tackled this. I would still say that I don't crochet, but I do follow her wonderful instructions. I started this for DD to take to Uni in September. I wanted it to be something to give her hug in the evenings, something from home and made with lots of love.
She immediately informed me that she doesn't like crochet, it makes her feel "icky".
But since I have perservered I have caught her looking at it sideways......she has since told me that she will make a judgement when it is finished.....which I have taken to mean that actually it isn't that bad.

Must dash, I really must get this assignment done x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Didn't we have a lovely time.....

...the weekend we went to Hay-on-Wye.

What a fabulous place: beautiful countryside, extremely friendly people, delicious food, fantastic accomodation, no chain stores, and 100s of book shops, and only an hour or so from home.

We discovered Gooseberry Crumble and custard.

 We discovered a bookshop whose interior is the inside of a transylvanian church.

I stood in the sunshine waiting for DH whilst admiring the cottages.

And we discovered our favourite bookshop, not only does it have a fabulous cafe where I ate 3 different types of toasted bread with blackberry and apple jam accompanied by a proper hot chocolate made with melted dark chocolate, they also have resident cats, sofas, rocking chairs.....oh and a fab selection of books.

What more could we want.......we are going back soon x