Monday, 30 June 2008

WARNING: Battery Exhausted

Much like DD my camera battery has died of overuse and exhaustion. The battery is now resting in its recharging wotsit, and DD is reclining in the bath......shattered. Today was her first day of work and then had to come home and do part of her paper round (she is delivering boxes of Bran Flakes), and then I had the temerity to suggest if she wanted her top ironed perhaps she had better do it herself!! Poor kid! Day 1 in the big wide world...9 to go!!
I was going to photo my sprouting spinach, lettuce and peas which I only planted 5 days ago.....and my courgette that the bastard slugs have eaten, but I turned on the camera and it wasn't having any of watch this space, tomorrow my spinach will be 5ft tall.......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I keep telling my Dh "Life's a B*itch, and so's your momma"!!
BTW I am loving this idea of you posting daily ... keep it up :)
lotsa love, lulu