Thursday, 29 March 2007

Up to date:

I am sure that my gushing isn't coming over as much as I am actually gushing...I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness of (relative) strangers. THANK YOU.
It has been nearly a year since I found Knitty and I cannot believe the friends I have found; and the support that is always there, unquestioning, non-judgemental and with a fantastic sense of humour xxx

And another Fab Package...

this time a RAK from lucky am I...once again, absolutely spoilt. This arrived this morning, the postman's van stopped outside the house, and a huge parcel was taken out of the back of the van, AND IT WAS FOR ME!!, And look what I got: some local newspapers (I love reading about local issues, and finding out about where people live).
A shed load of dishcloth cotton - you know what I am like - a dishcloth ho!
LOOK AT THESE...OREOS...THE REAL THING, EUROPEAN ONES JUST AREN'T THE SAME! I haven't opened them yet, I daren't, they'll all be gone in one sitting, I have no shame!
Some Peeps...I am going to release these on my nephews (without telling my sister) and then aim them towards the garden. Photos to follow...
Some sweets that DD has run off with...
Some sweethearts, for my sweethearts...
A close up of DD's lig gloss pack, before she ran off with it and added it to the know the story!
Thank you so much Poops, it was really kind of you! I am, once again, overwhelmed! THANK YOU xxx

Then my fingers turned green...

all thanks to Bezzie.

This woman moved across a continent, and planted her seeds as soon as she unpacked! So here we are, I present to you:

Mrs Hanging Basket Tomato, Mr Pumpkin and Miss Squash Seen here in there final resting place for a few weeks, with Mr Bush Tomato, Mrs Courgette and of course Master Sweetcorn...then below we have the beginning of the Herbs. Here we have Basil - though I did prefer Dill (the Dog)

And finally, cress for my egg and cress sandwiches...yummy!

Then when I was away...

look what arrived from Knitherapy - thank you for my RAK, just what I needed when I got home from a very tiring week.

3 balls of Peaches n Creme, to supplement my lust for dish cloth cotton, which as you can see has been knitted up into 1 finished, 1 on the needles for me and DD is giving it a go too. She is keen to learn but is bored stupid by garter scarves, so I figured if she was patient enough to tackle a fan and feather dishcloth, then she should be up for anything...I'll keep you posted on that...hers is the blue this space, you may one day see a FO (or should that be "an FO")
Also, a fab card, and some Burt's Bees for me (I was a virgin until then) and I lurve it! Some lipgloss for DD which has quickly disappeared into her pit, and has been very quickly assimilated into her vast collection of lipglosses - there is a plan to show you the entire collection soon - again, watch this space......

Some of these little fellas. They are rather yellow, rather flourescent in fact, and stuffed full of sugar. Eat one, light touch paper and retreat...rapidly. I wonder why we don't have these here..can you imagine the school playgrounds running up to Easter hee hee!

And then the piece de resistance....MY KNITTY BADGE!!! I am so pleased/proud of this. Watch out for me at the Woolfest, UKnitties, I will be flashing my badge!

I am so lucky...all this stuff from someone I don't really know...doesn't it give you faith that life is good and people are a very nice breed to be a part of. Thank you knitherapy, I am overwhelmed xxx

DD said I forgot to put a here it is!

Next up, March 18th...Mothers Day! Look at this big bag of pressies for me!

LOOK!! Lots of gifts...

Look at this...MY cup and saucer, isn't it fab. It is illustrated by the same lady who illustrated Guess How Much I love You..mine and DD's favourite book.
Look at the guinea pig on my saucer
I also had 2 boxes of Marmite Biscuits - yummy! She paid for all of this herself, she has a paper round, and she chose it all herself too. Aren't I lucky?

I was spoilt rotten...we had lunch at Cafe Rouge the day before - which was delicious.

The reason we had Mothers Day lunch on the Saturday was because work had decided that the best day to start our conference and get everyone to travel was that Sunday - I was NOT happy!!!

But thank you DD and DH I did really enjoy my Mothers Day weekend...same time next year?

Going back in time...

It has been so long since I posted, so now you are going to get a lot!!
First off, March 17th, and I received a skein of handspun from my SP8 Chocolate Bear...she did all this fab is that!

The colour is better shown in the first picture, but I know how much you like a bit of yarn prOn ;-) Thanks Chocolate Bear xxx

Friday, 16 March 2007

Forgot this...and how could I??!!??

My dose of the Clap in Colinette Giotto........

It hasn't been blocked, and I forgot a "run". I know I can fix that, but am hesitant to attack it with scissors. I know this will be the first of MANY...As I am in a rush to meet DD, it hasn't photo'd as well as I would have liked, but it doesn't look too bad ;-)

Last weekend

I cannot believe that am only posting this now. Where has the week gone? It is Friday already....Red Nose Day.

Last Saturday we went to Leamington Spa. DH bought bits for the THE BITCH - here she is!
and some gratutitous BITCH PRON shots

DD went to TopShop and bought a very cute skirt - picture of which will be posted later, she is wearing it to school as Red Nose Day is also non uniform day, and I managed to go to Web of Wool and only buy some bamboo circulars:
but they are nice aren't they!!??? I think I may be buying some more!
Oh, and on the way there we went past these little fellas:

Actually, DH delibrately drove down this road, just so we could take piccies for the blog.
Isn't it great, living in the depths of Warwickshire. I should be able to get photos of the camels too :-)

Then, we went to Sainsbury's and bought these:OREOS

My idea of heaven. There were originally 10 boxes; we did get some funny looks at the checkout, but it was worth it. Look at that for a photo!!!!!!!! Not as good as the american ones, but they'll do.

On Sunday, DD cooked some beautiful scones, but with the Bonne Maman Jam and the clotted cream, they were eaten way before we could get a photo :-)

And.......I think I may have my knitting mojo lurking there somewhere. The photo with the new needles is a new project, but I can't say anything more about it as the recipient does read this blog, even though "they" may not post a lot ;-) Hope you like it.

I am off to meet DD for a cuppa in town at 4pm, and then it is a chinese with a bottle of wine in front of Comic Relief- and yes, I voted for Tara, well it would have been rude not to after her performance of Nancy Sinatras "These Boots are made for walking" last night....I don't usually vote for this kinda thing, but it is for Comic Relief, and she was funny!

I also now have a red button that works - I have only been waiting 7 years, and I have 2 men fixing our flat roof...goodness, can it get anymore exciting!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

My Clapotis

No photo at the mo, but I wore it to work today! and the conversation amongst colleagues went as follows:
"******'s new scarf is nice"
"She always has new scarves, and they are always nice" "where do you think she got it from"
"hmmm, look at the colours" "doesn't it feel lovely" "hhmm, lovely design"

To which I said "Actually that is mine!"

"Where did you get it from?"
I made it!
"No, really?" "you didn't!" "how" etc etc

It was then picked up and fondled...A LOT!!!!

Apparently I should have a craft stall...I didn't like to tell them the cost of Colinette Giotto!

I am once again inspired, I am going to knit!! YAY!!!

Friday, 9 March 2007

Look what I got

What a lucky person I am, look at my spoilage!
First up:

I lurve Kitchen Cotton - the camera hasn't done it many favours, it is actually "Seaspray", and looks just as you would imagine it!


DD and her lipgloss - it was very well received and quickly disappeared into one of a thousand handbags! And yes, she does seem to stand in that spot a lot doesn't she! She posed there for the scones and also for the pancakes - at least this time she hadn't got her pyjamas on ;-)

Next: Cat Shots:
Let me introduce you to Archie -forgive the looks, he is really quite nice! He has just lost his life long friend - Skippy. They were together for 16 years :(

He has settled down well though.

Look what he received in the SP parcel from Chocolate Bear, a catnip mouse. His reaction was startling, he started leaping around like a kitten, and then collapsed in a heap after about a minute. But as you can see from the piccies he is hardly the fittest cat on the planet, but in case you are wondering, he is on a diet hee hee!

Here he is saying thank you for the pressie!

Then he went to bed!

The chocolates have been eaten, the card is on the mantlepiece and the roses are lined up to finish off a cardigan.


Have I introduced you to DH? Have I explained that I am a bike widow?

Let me introduce you to THE BITCH! She arrived today, and is already taking over the house. This is bitch No 4! Yes, he has FOUR!!!!!

Can you believe that you pay all that money, then they don't come with pedals - go figure?!?!?!

At least he can't complain about my yarn stash EVER again!

Sunday, 4 March 2007


I think I have lost my knittyness :-(

I am on the 3rd attempt of a pair of socks for DH, and I am unable to get my head round a pattern for a wrap. I have turned again to the wonderful help of the Knittyheads, but I am not sure that even they can help me out of this one. Bugger!