Monday, 27 August 2007

It's a cat thang.......

We actually had some sunshine - 2 days of it, so it was gardening gloves on. DH ripped out the lavender bushes, and DD and I painted the garden fence - one side down, one to go, and then the other one - heigh ho! But it does look better for it, and should now last a few more years. If you peer closely, you can see my sunflowers in the background. Not a fab crop this year, DD and I planted about 60 seeds, and only about 10 have come up. But I did see 2 mice in the garage today, so I imagine that they had a good feast on 50 sunflower seeds sometime about May this year - buggers!DH and I went to garden centre today to spend some of my birthday vouchers, as you can see from the photo above I wasn't allowed to buy replacement lavender (the stuff he ripped out as about 2m x 2m each plant - so I can understand his sentiments). I'll wait til he isn't about!

A quick piccie to prove that my tomato plants did ok - I grew these from seeds, and despite the crappy summer these ones have actually reddened on the plants - first time ever. They taste fab too. I will definitely plant these again next year.

At the garden centre I also bought this:

and some chinese lanterns, which I have been after for years.

And I thought I would treat the kitties to a cat mint. The kittens aren't bothered but look at the old boy, he picks it off between his teeth, and spits it on the ground (foul) whilst his eyes roll backwards in his head, and he rubs his face on the left over stems. I have evidence:

But when accused, I get this face - butter wouldn't melt, would it? I bet if I go back out now he'll have it stripped off to sticks!
Finally, a few photos of the girls:

A crap photo, but yes it really is the lesser spotted 2 headed cat!
You pay £100 for the first vaccination (and worming) and then they feel they deserve the right to drink dirty water - yes, we do give them a clean, fresh option.

And yes, the rumours are true, they really are tail-less. The hamster still isn't impressed by the new additions to the household though.

1. Man playing with kitten whilst watching horse racing and listening to The Doors.
2. Cat decides that those horses really are quite exciting, and the man is happily occupied too.

Monday, 20 August 2007

What a busy month...

so much has happened, apart from the weather being anywhere near summery, hot, blistering, August-like!!! Bah to the weather, but at least I have been knitting.
First off, a pinwheel blanket - yet to be blocked because of the crappy weather. This was knitted in Laines du Nord - Dolly Mixture - 10 balls, I picked this up for a total of £16 from the Laughing Hens Stand at the Woolfest - what a bargain!!!!! I have finished this 3 times and frogged the finish twice. A normal cast off resulted in really bad curl-up (worse than here), and a picot cast-off curled like buggery too. So after some advice from the Knitties I finished it with 4 rounds of moss stitch and a moss stitch cast off. It is still curling a bit, but hopefully after blocking it should be ok. It is for friends who are expecting their first baby (a girl) on October 22nd. I am also knitting them a few other bits which will be posted later.

Next up, a WIP. This is an Argosy Wrap which I am knitting up in Noro Silver Thaw which I also picked up for a fantastic price at Woolfest in July - a bag of 10 balls for £25 - why did I only buy 1 bag - ggrrrrrrrr!

And finally 2 crappy photos of the latest additions to the Household.

Meet Pumpkin,

and Maddie

I will get better photos, but at least they are still. They are 10 weeks old, and both VERY sweet. There dad was a Manx cat, and they have definitely got his genes -

very long back legs, they run to you like a dog when you rattle their jingly ball, they jump VERY high, and most freaky of all - THEY HAVE NO TAILS. The ultimate in freaky!!!