Tuesday, 15 July 2008

You know there is nothing on telly.....

...when you have finished putting the shopping delivery sway and catch DH watching horse racing from Yarmouth.....
Anyway, no knitting (what's new?) BUT a few photos...for no particular reason, and no particular order...
First up: my new recycling bins, thank god I have a garage to put them in

I won't bore you with the details of which bin does what, but suffice to say what used to go in one doesn't go into it any more, it goes into 2. Which is good because now they are only collected every 2 weeks, but not all bins are collected the same fortnight. We have a piece of paper telling us what to do, and when....it all starts August 4th, so then will begin the fun - hee hee!
Next up: my honeysuckle cos I love it - sigh! And the smell is heavenly!

Next up, one of my favourite portuguese snack - tremocos!!!! A photograph, cos I can, and now I am going to eat them - yum!

And finally a photo for Bezzie - jeez you would be so proud of me....I went to a local supermarket and picked up a few bargains.......in fact we happened to get there when the lad with the price gun was marking stuff down.......to 20p ($0.40)!!!! Yes, I am fucking with you not ;-) 20p!!!!!!!!
Look at this list, it has the original prices and the price I paid, and yes a pack of sausages went through the till at 2p ($0.04!!!!!!!). I added it all up and I spent £2.22 ($4.44) instead of £23.53 ($47.00)
This made me very happy :)
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Bezzie said...

Good lord, I should shop where you shop! Never mind the distance/price to get there. I'd have that paid off in grocery savings!