Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This serves you right...

for thinking - huh, WTF not many photos we go, a shed load:
First off - cats!!
P McGee - Pumpkin - Pumpkinella, she answers to all and none, isn't she a beauty and yes she is asleep on a colinette throw - knitted by me, and adopted by P. She gets very upset when it is in the wash, as a result, it isn't worth anyone else sitting on it - eeewwwww!

Next up: The big A - Archie Welder:

Wot u lookin at? Put that camra down, and leev me alone!

Next up: Smelly the Rescue Cat, head Barfer, and chief reguritator (sp??): T Malluh, Topsey, Topsey Mallulah - she answers to none of them:


Anyway enough of the Fur Babies, here is some kniting, yes knitting!!!! You know I took Saturday off sick (sick and tired!!) I started knitting the stash - dishcloths. Careful, this next photo will make your eyes roll and stick to the inside of your eyelids.

This is the yarn that happens when family visit Walmart on holiday and realise they miss you - (make scared face now!). Get ready I am about to flash these in more blink a couple of times and shake your head....there, better???? Now for some "grown up" a lovely yarn. Noro Silk Garden - yummy. This pattern is this one from Ravelry, and I was hugely inspired by Turtlegirl's, but because you still can't get Noro Taiyo in the UK yet, I decided to try SG. Any UKers interested should check out this site When I called in a few weeks ago, they said that Taiyo was on order....but in the meantime they have Amy Butler visiting!!! I would love to go but I think my restraining order may just put a stop to that.....Anyhoo this is my capelet in Noro SG...I have lined up my rows, look, all stripes match. But one has to pay for their art, look at all these bastard ends (and yes, I have woven some in already - sheesh!)But it is worth it, though I am not sure it is quite me, but DD modelled it earlier and it looked rather good, but I wouldn't tell her that - I am 40 she is 14, nuff said!And a close up - sexy, no?

Does this count as a Pr0n shot??? I think so! You can see all the little hairy bits!
And finally, what am I doing this evening?? Well no philosophy, no epiphanies, no bullshit!! just what I promised yesterday, piccies of kitties and yarny things, whilst watching the football

I will leave you with a question - why do hand knitted dishcloths make me feel so happy? The warm, satisfied feeling as they blow in the breeze on the washing line? Should I delve deeper, or just get me some more P&C?? If I had access to a time machine should I really go back to the 50's??

Bezzie - message from Popeye - are you up for a muscle measurement some time in the Autumn??

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Bezzie said...

Ooo! I have a soft spot for cats with little pink noses!

Hee hee. I don't know about my muscles...if even spinach will help them!