Sunday, 22 June 2008

Anyone got Greenies??

I decided I really should go to work today – well it was either that or go out to a family meal with a roast dinner carvery, lots of roasted veg, Yorkshire puds, and proper gravy. Would I really have wanted to go there? you bet I would, but we were short staffed so I sacrified my mango sorbet, and felt a better person for it - though mango sorbet would have been very nice. And instead I threw myself into serving unhappy looking people who valiantly battled into town against very strong autumnal winds, who’da thought it is June?? certainly not the people I saw today!

I was woken in time for work by Topsey, she of the rescued variety. She obviously felt the need for me to go work. She came in and woke me up by hawking a carcass of some description onto my bedside table. I ran to get paper to clean it up but promptly retched in the bathroom and couldn’t move, so DH came to the rescue – thank god, as she proceeded to bring up the rest under the bed – foul animal. I understand that they like to bring their humans pressies sometimes, you know, to say thank you for feeding me and allowing me to shed my fur all over your house, all of the time - I must have cleared up enough to knit at least 2 more cats - anyone interested in trying? I guess she just needs to change her current method of delivery – though the Post Office aren’t feeling threatened yet.

I retched my way to work, had a cuppa, and got on and “did”. Came home, had baked beans and then sat and surfed t’internet for various things: food from Tesco (but I got bored so we only have limes and loo roll at the moment), raised beds, compost bins and potatoes, as you do.
And DD and I sat and howled along with Gary and the boys, aaawwwww (thank you, youtube). Wouldn’t it be great to be able to actually sing – properly, without scaring cats and all other living things in the neighbourhood?? I refer to me and DD not Gary and the boys.

DH and I are setting about growing our own veg. I bought the book last year, and this year it is going to happen. We went out in the Force 9 gales and measured up. No word of a lie, the trees in the garden were horizontal because the wind was so strong. We are off to Jewsons to buy the bits to build the beds on Saturday, then calculate how much dirt we will need and then….go for it!! I am already growing cauliflowers in tubs, but as we have a bit of garden spare, we figured we would give it a go, as 10 caulis aren’t going to feed us for long, especially as MIL has expressed a very unhealthy interest in cauliflower leaves – she is northern though. If we make the beds and its all a 5 minute wonder, it won’t have cost too much, and the scouts can have the timber for November the 5th. And have you seen the cost of ready made ones???? Wow! it would be cheaper to buy organic veg all year than try and grow my own.

Did I mention that we are going to get a chicken - well, we aren't but friends are, and they have said that we can have one - doing dance of jumping excitement - I guess she will have to be called Maryannlucy, cos that is where the name came from, toy ones granted, but Maryannlucy is from 2 chickens. I have asked if I can have one with feathery feet, and apparently I will be posted as soon as Maryannlucy arrives.

Going back to yesterdays post – just to clarify something that I hadn’t thought about until Bezzie mentioned it….when I say taking control, I mean in terms of knowing that I have the control to have spontaneous fun, to go with the flow when I want to and to recognise that it is my life - no one elses (yes, I am slow on the uptake!). To allow myself to take a step back when I want to, like yesterday, to know that only I have the control over me, and when I make a decision I make it is for me, and I am not making the decision to please others. And also to grant myself the ability to know when to stop waffling ;-)

And before I go, anyone got a cure for VERY SMELLY cat breath??

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Bezzie said...

Now on the go with the flow--remember to experiment with the veggies. ;-)

As for the cat, plugging your nose? Ha ha!