Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Never start Ephiphany resolutions....

unless you intend to keep them....one of mine was to stick something on the blog every day. Jeez louise, this could be boring even for me!
Well I have decided how we are going to build the raised beds for the veggies....I have found this stuff it looks easy to build, relatively inexpensive (compared to what we could make a hash of and the arguments that could ensue from trying to cut and screw lengths of wood, on our one day off together. Link a board just slots neatly together...so the plan? buy enough for 1 bed that will be 3m x 1.2m, that should be enough for now. If it is still being "played with" in 2009, I may just buy another. In the meantime, until I get round to ordering it, I have planted into anything I could get my hands on, and today I have mainly planted peas, perpetual spinach (perpetual, dear god, it sounds like something like the Magic Porridge Pot, I love that story ;-) I cold have spinach coming out of me for years to come not a good image eewwww!), and lettuce; after the last lot bolted cos he didn't eat it, I thought I would give it one more go.
When the bed is in, I am hoping to get some carrots and a few wintery veg in....what has life come to whe at the age of nearly 41 I am excited about my raised bed and some veggies - mind you with the price of my grocery shop today it could be best thing I have got excited about in a long time.
God I really must empty my memory card on my camera and take some photos, at least my daily post would be more interesting!!!

Pictures of anything will follow later this week, and will include knitting and cats.....did I happen to mention I am on a yarn amnesty........

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Bezzie said...

I've got non perpetual spinach and it's coming out of my ears! Watch out Popeye!