Thursday, 26 June 2008

I am going to meet Amy Butler

This is the view from my back door - ignore the bolting lettuce, look at the grapevine!!!! Those grey tall things in the middle are the poppies, they looked beautiful about 20 minutes before this was taken - it wasn't raining then!

Next up!

The view from my living room window - my buddleia is almost in flower, but now being battered by the wind and rain

All views from the same window - maybe it will be sunny tomorrow :-)

What else? Well DD and I are off to meet this wonderful person in August - Amy Butler. She is coming to do a talk at a town about 50 miles away, and it seems too good an opportunity to miss. I love her designs, her fabrics - they are luvverly. And as DD is interested in studying Fashion/Textiles/Design it really is too good a chance for her to get to quiz the woman with the answers. I presume we can ask questions?? I am not sure hhmm! Anyway the evening is being organised by The Knitting Parlour in Great Malvern. I am now planning on making this -, could I wear it on the night or would that be "stalkery".......


Did I mention it is my Birthday next week??????

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Bezzie said...

I'm sure the audience will be filled with a sea of her patterns and fabrics. WEar it!