Friday, 27 June 2008

Maybe I'm born with it.....

Bargain City today at Woolworths.....DD and I got
these for her "patch" - last year she complained when I cut the daises, so this year I am not cutting a square of about 1.5m - piccies will follow at some point, but for now imagine a patch of waste land of weeds about 1m high. She continues to throw seeds on it, but sadly none of them have materialised yet - oh well, I think the birds are well fed ;-)

We also got these cos I thought they looked scrummy

Aren't these fab, I love the colours - they are all for next year, so I will put them in a safe place and put them out next spring.
And to feed the family next year, I got theseI am going to plant some of the beans tomorrow and probably save the rest for next year.
Bezzie, you would be so proud of me - I paid £13 for all of this ($26), as they were all reduced. Had I paid full price for all of this little lot, they would have cost £40/$80!!!! Good God! So I saw this as an investment in the future - it was a bit of a layout in return for huge colour and food next year - Yay Bezzie, I am learning <3

The we went to Boots and I bought these - get me! MAKE UP!!!!!!!!! AND they were on 3 for 2 - BARGAIN.I posted on Knitty recently about my make-up phobia, and I had so much wise advice from those very wise guys n gals, and in the majority they all seemed to favour minerals (wtf?? sounded like a foreign language) and I was investigating Lily Lolo who I almost ordered from, but then we called into Boots, saw a bargain and made a purchase. IF and this is a big if, this doesn't turn out to be a 5 minute wonder, I will order from Lily Lolo cos they seemed ethically very switched on - but for now my cheap ass kicked in - gotta love a bargain!!!!! I also have a kabuki brush (wtf??) which DD said is very good and nodded in a very knowing way. I don't have a "k" brush for the cheeks but I have told by "her wot knows"that this isn't a problem. Anyway, tomorrow morning I will look like a tart! And no, I wasn't born with it! Wish me luck!!

Did I mention it is my birthday next week??
These arrived in the post today, and no, I haven't opened them yet, but they have had a bloody good rattle and shake.

For those of you at Woolfest , give my love to the alpacas :-)

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Bezzie said...

You can eat the nasturstium leaves too--I hear they taste like watercress (never had watercress myself) But it looks like you've got that covered!