Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Monthly Catch Up

What a month...April was really really crappy, I mean REALLY crappy!!

This bit has been edited for the same reasons as above. My original vent is over I want to move on!

What else......Maddie came home in her little box which is bigger and heavier than she ever was, but it is very posh with her name engraved on a brass plaque on the top...I have never been so affected by the loss of a kitty, even today I cried a little! I only have to see her picture. She has had this affect on the whole family incl MIL who isn't really a cat lover, but even she teared up the other day...1 month today.

So much happened in April, I can't remember all of it, but maybe that is a good thing in a way....DH bought me a couple of books though, which was lovely:

I love this book. I sit and read it and I am sitting in a pastelaria eating a pastel de nata and drinking a bica, with the smell of mimosa...sigh...I would so love to close my eyes and open them and be there.....fantastic recipes including bitoque with a fried egg, and of course pastel de nata...

I love all of Tessa Kiros books, but this has to be my favourite

And DD also bought me this:

This made for really interesting reading. I am not sure I can go along with all of it - for example, the view that people who have a major illness have somehow brought it on themselves, but it has made me consciously alter my thought patterns at times AND it was a huge help during the shitty time at work....it made me stop and alter the way I was viewing it, so that has to be a good thing! It certainly came into my life at a time when I really needed it......

What else? Well we decided to look at adopting a cat from the local cat rescue place....we adopted 2 initially, DHs fault ifhe had had his way we would have had al of them, but 1 had to go back. We really weren't the family for her. She had come from an old persons house, so 2 adults, a teenager with friends coming backwards and forwards, 2 exisiting cats and another adoptee really wasn't the best family situation for her. After we managed to wrestle the clawy, fang toothed beast back into the cage, she went back and hopefully is waiting for the perfect adult who lives completely alone to come and take her back to her very unthreatening new environment. But we kept this one......please meet....Topsey Mallulah:

This is a photo of the lesser spotted outdoor cat. Apparently she used to be an outdoor farm cat who never lived inside..try telling that to the carpet underneath my bed! She only seems to come out for a little sunbathing, food, and to smother me in bed at night between the hours of about 3am til 6am EVERY BLOODY NIGHT........am I suffering from sleep deprivation? yes I am, but with a photo like the one above, I can forgive her most things ;-)

Having had such a physically and emotionally demanding few weeks, my body decided that today it wasn't going to do anything except sit and watch TV, so here is a photo of my day
yes, I was watching back to back Bewitched on Living, but at least I was knitting too - get me and my macro setting, I am pretty impressed with these:

This is sock No 2 for DH (the socks which kept his team in the Premier League apparently?!?!?!), and they are these - great pattern, they look great and are very interesting to knit, but I am a sock newbie.....

And I couldn't go without 2 more photos of the other furry purrers in our family. First off, Archie Welder, he's about 18, fat, arthritic but happy. Hobbies - sleeping, gravy licking (the others get to eat the sucked lumps - yum!), trying to escape from the front door at a fast pace (for him - so we just meander over to catch him), cat mind games and lying on newspapers that humans are reading.

And Pumpkin - also known as P McGee, Psome 3some, Pumpkinella, Pumpkin McGee - she answers to all and none! Today she slept for 9 hours!! 9 hours in her chair!!! my friendly robin lived to sing another day though!
ah, so lovely x


Bezzie said...

Awww! My dad used to call one of use girls Pumpkinella...was it me? I can't remember!

Topsey's a cutie. Reminds me of a cat I grew up with. Ooo...he was a mean SOB, but a softie if you got to know him.

weezalana said...

Sorry you had such a crappy month! But it looks like the new kitty's doing a good job of making up for it. :) Congrats on the new addition to the family!