Sunday, 4 March 2007


I think I have lost my knittyness :-(

I am on the 3rd attempt of a pair of socks for DH, and I am unable to get my head round a pattern for a wrap. I have turned again to the wonderful help of the Knittyheads, but I am not sure that even they can help me out of this one. Bugger!


Batty said...

Oh no!

Maybe it's time to set aside the socks and do something else. Then, you'll look at the pattern again, and it'll all make sense. The more you get anxious and the more you obsess, the less this is going to work.

Anonymous said...

good luck working it out

in the meantime, I'm hoping a little extra package might help you get enthused about knitting again. check your board pm's for details.

Faerynuff said...

I'm sure I left you a message here?

Anyway - here, have some of my knitting mojo - I'm starting so many things at the moment because I want to do everything now! It's wearing me out :)