Friday, 9 March 2007

Look what I got

What a lucky person I am, look at my spoilage!
First up:

I lurve Kitchen Cotton - the camera hasn't done it many favours, it is actually "Seaspray", and looks just as you would imagine it!


DD and her lipgloss - it was very well received and quickly disappeared into one of a thousand handbags! And yes, she does seem to stand in that spot a lot doesn't she! She posed there for the scones and also for the pancakes - at least this time she hadn't got her pyjamas on ;-)

Next: Cat Shots:
Let me introduce you to Archie -forgive the looks, he is really quite nice! He has just lost his life long friend - Skippy. They were together for 16 years :(

He has settled down well though.

Look what he received in the SP parcel from Chocolate Bear, a catnip mouse. His reaction was startling, he started leaping around like a kitten, and then collapsed in a heap after about a minute. But as you can see from the piccies he is hardly the fittest cat on the planet, but in case you are wondering, he is on a diet hee hee!

Here he is saying thank you for the pressie!

Then he went to bed!

The chocolates have been eaten, the card is on the mantlepiece and the roses are lined up to finish off a cardigan.


Have I introduced you to DH? Have I explained that I am a bike widow?

Let me introduce you to THE BITCH! She arrived today, and is already taking over the house. This is bitch No 4! Yes, he has FOUR!!!!!

Can you believe that you pay all that money, then they don't come with pedals - go figure?!?!?!

At least he can't complain about my yarn stash EVER again!


Anonymous said...

The Bitch looks FAB! Worth it?!! Let the yarn stash grow! Roll on the trip to Get Knitted shop!!
Dorothy x

Maryannlucy's DD said...

WOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love my lipgloss, it is fab and i must say those chocolates where very yummy!
Oh and Archie still loves his cat-nip toy, i keep catching him playing with it when he thinks no ones watching!
Going off now to make some more scones! Yummy!

Batty said...

Great kitty pics! Now that your husband has The Bitch, it's time to get yourself some Yarn. In a major kind of way. Get out that credit card!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Archie is so cute (and a chubba-bubba, like my cat!). Your DD is adorable, and seems like quite the cook. I'll have to try scones sometimes (I love them!)