Thursday, 24 January 2008

Parcel for Maryannlucy......

from Lulu

LOOK!!!! My favourites. They remain unopened, for now!

A lovely card, and a book that I think is probably very cute, but DD has run off with it. I also got some little arabian cushions that smell of cloves. They are buried in the knitting basket to protect my Noro from the moths, making things smell luverly :)

And now for the important part of the parcel: the knitted bits for Christophers Angels. Hasn't she done a great job - I am sorry that these photos are crappy, but we haven't had any natural light for about 4 months, so these were taken in the kitchen at 6.30pm under the light of the cooker hood filter - go David Bailey!

I love this cardigan, and the bootees are so cute.

These are baby pink. I took 3 photos, with flash, without flash, hanging from the ceiling, and still got a crappy shot! Sorry Lulu!

And I love these, they are so fab....

Sorry again Lulu for the crappy photos :( One day we will have sunshine and warmth here, one day!
Check out her blog to see MUCH better pics! link above


Bezzie said...

Arabic Oreos--too cool! Hm, I wonder if you could dunk them in camel milk. Do they even milk camels? I think I need to go googling now.

Love those little booties--too cute!

Batty said...

Oreos with Arabic script on them, how awesome is that? And I love all the baby stuff. Oh, it's so cute, it makes me want to...

Wait, why does Mr. Batty look all worried all of a sudden? OK, I think I'll go knit for other people's babies first.

Yvonne said...

Oh, those booties are so cute! And arabic oreos? Cool.