Wednesday, 23 January 2008

WIPs and some other bits...

This is my Argosy knitted with my beautiful Noro Silg Garden Lite from Crafty Cottage. I love the colours....though I have seen green and yellow in the middle, maybe I should have delved a little deeper into the ball before I bought it - it'll be interesting to see how the colours go...

Next, a cardigan from a Premmie set for Christopher. And a couple of FOs too.

A burial gown - it never occured to me that these things would be needed. I suppose it has never touched my life before. Very sad, and very humbling to knit. And a hat too.......

My amazon order arrived today - I hope this book sorts out my "aarrgghhh" with my Ipod, I must be of a "certain" generation, as the bloody thing makes me so frustrated as I can't make it do what I want it to do, and Apple don't provide very clear instructions IMHO - it MUST be my age, as DD is fine with her!

A book that sounds very interesting, and may the answer to my Ipod woes!

These 2 books are beautiful, and I can't wait to get started on them. I saw these recommended on this site. I love this site, her photos are lovely, and I love her dog - so cute!

And finally, look what DD bought for me! I went to have 3 cysts removed yesterday, nothing important but DH came and held my hand, and afterwards DH and I had a lovely afternoon wandering around the Bullring in B'ham.
About 4.30pm DD phoned to say she was home, and that she had bought me a pressie to make me happy, and would only say that "it would make me cry". I immediately knew what it was. This book was very special to me when I was little, and we hired it over christmas, and as the credits started to roll at the beginning!!!! I started to cry, and continued to sob throughout!! DD sat and laughed at me, but it was a nice afternoon anyway.


pinkphish said...

I always find with Noro there is one colour in the ball that I'm not keen on. I think you just have to go with it and trust it's noro-ness.
You'll soon get the hang of your iPod. That's the same book as I got for my dad- it's good.
I'm almost crying just thinking about Charlotte's Web.
Hope you are feeling OK after yesterday.

Bezzie said...

I LOVE the colors on that Argosy!

I do love Charlotte's Web too, but alas, I can't resist the sirens song of bacon and smooshing a spider in my bathroom (never at the same time though...eating bacon in the bathroom is gross!)

Batty said...

Your Argosy looks amazing! And those teeny little baby clothes... my biological clock is ticking away, and I get all mushy just looking at baby items.