Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day....

I know it isn't everyone's bag, but DH does go over the top. It's lovely, and I wanted to share. Valentine's Day started early (as it always does in the MAL household). I worked until 9pm on Wednesday night, which gave DH, with a little help from DD, time to do this:

This is only the mantlepiece. We also have banners round the room, heart balloons, and twirly bits all over the living room. But this gives you the general idea of what he gets up to when left alone for a couple of hours. We also have heart lights wound round the lampstand! He also got me a lovely card of the Eiffel Tower, a tin of choccies and a lovely Bridgewater candle in a tea cup - bless him!

Other than that what happened today - well, I made some custard creams a la Nigella Lawson. This is the "oh look, I made biccies" shot.....

And here we have the "I have just handed the plate of homemade cookies to DH!"
Apparently they WERE nice!
Cat update?
Pumpkin decided to get her toy basket out!

Archie looked on, sighed and went back to sleep.......and Maddie??

she just waited for the fun to start!
But wait! What is this?? Maddie Rumpie?? caught hard at .........sleeping! How the hell does she sleep like that? I guess it means that she is a very relaxed with her family....aww!
She really is fast asleep....
And knitting??? Why do I never post any photos of WIPS? I do have them, quite a lot actually! In fact I have just taken delivery of my Knitpicks Harmonys, or should that be Harmony Knitpicks - whatever, they are beautiful. I have a project I am about to start, but I want a clear afternoon with a pot of tea, some tiffin, daytime tv, phone off the hook - you know the kind of thing. Absolutely no interruptions - just me, my noro and my harmonies
in the meantime DD and I may take the Harmonies into town for some pr0n shots. You know the kind of thing.....harmonies in shrubbery, harmonies on the swings, harmonies at the farmers market


Bezzie said...

Bah, I had a comment but blogger ate it. It was a good comment--you'll have to trust me there.

Yvonne said...

Aww, you lucky girl! I love the last cat picture, she's awesome :)