Saturday, 12 January 2008

This post started with me listing what had happened between the last post and today....and was going to end with me questioning why I feel so low, tired and out of sorts at the moment. But spending time thinking about what has been going on over the last 2 months explains why I feel like this........I am currently off work sick, I left earlyish on Thursday afternoon convinced I had the sickness bug that people are catching all round the world. Despite all initial appearances it didn't develop into that thank goodness, but left me with huge tender swollen glands in my neck, a very sore throat and the ability to feel like a washed out rag as well as being able to sleep for hours at a time - which I am very grateful for as I haven't been sleeping well recently. I feel like a fraud, I shouldn't really be ill, others go through a lot more than that and are able to go to work, and continue as normal. Me? I have a busy run up to Christmas, but no busier than anyone else, and yet I end up like this is January...I feel as though I am letting everyone down, yet I know that feeling like this is self defeating. I am making all efforts to change the thought processes - honest.

Anyway all "woe is me" shit to one side:
I have finished a few bits so far this year! Yes, get me! I do knit!
No piccies yest, but I have finished my Tubey (whilst watching Deck the Halls - good film), it makes me look huge. Not a look I was going for I hasten to add. It has been thrown into the bag in disgrace, and will only come out when I have a more positive outlook on things. A fat ass in a jumper that was sooooo boring to knit is not a good thing to help change your view on things.

I have finished a hat for Christopher and today I finished a gown for a baby born asleep.

If that doesn't put things into perspective nothing will.


hannah said...

hi mum how are you? i'm at emilys. on her wii! love you xxxxxx

Kate said...

It's perfectly acceptable to feel at a low ebb at this time of year - it's cold, it's dark, it's raining. Sleep is good, hot chocolate is good, crumpets are good. It will pass.

Bezzie said...

Eeee! You tease! I want to see your tubey!

Feel better soon...this time of year can be a drag.