Monday, 14 January 2008

Bloody Cats.......

I have mislaid my camera which is a bugger as I can't show you any FOs - yes, I do have some! and my WIP (singular - the others have been hidden away ;)), or what DD and I came home to this afternoon.
Today was Dentist day - no fillings for me, yippee, and it meant that we got home about an hour earlier than normal! DD and I battled home in the wind and rain, let ourselves into the house, both of us with wet hair stuck to our faces and glasses, and then went through the "oh bugger I can't see a thing, my glasses have steamed up!" couple of minutes that I am sure many people are more than aware of, only to hear a strange noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded like something boiling over...I rushed in, still blind, and discovered the hot tap on full but by now very cold, and the plug almost glued into the plughole - thank god for overflow outlets!!!! I also had 2 terrified looking rumpies - Archie couldn't give a toss, he knew he was innocent.
On closer inspection it looks as though the girls had been playing on the work surface at some point today which they know is highly illegal, and had managed to turn the tap on (they are uppy down (very technical) lever type taps) and the plug is one of those strainer ones that sits in the plughole, and you push it down when you want to fill the sink - or in the rumpies case, accidentally knock it shut with your arse when you are fleeing in terror.....have I forgotten to mention that in the excitement they also managed to rip the door off the cat flap. This must have been in their rush to escape the chaos...DD found it half way across the garden! God knows what time all this happened, for all I know it could have been at 8am which means 9 hours of running water - thank god we are not metered!
They are both very tired, and looking very sheepish - amazing what sheer terror can do. I have ordered their next of worming and flea stuff, it is the least they deserve....

Lessons learnt:
1. Do not be silly enough to leave your plug in the plughole when you go to work, even if it is open!
2. Do not be silly enough to think that your taps are ever off - EVER!
3. Never wish that the cats could actually do housework and earn their keep instead of sitting on their arses all day whilst we are out at work earning Whiskas money. DD and I have discussed the usefulness of cats on many an occasion as we walk to work/school in the dark, wondering what the cats do all day - now we know - ha!
4. Thank all the gods for the bright person who invented overflow outlets
5. Thank Magnet that "touch wood" their fitter seemed to attach the overflow outlet correctly, all those years ago.

Imagine if the little buggers had opposable (sp?) thumbs!

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weezalana said...

Holy cow! If they learn how to turn doorknobs, you're in big trouble!