Friday, 14 January 2011

You know when you are looking for a book......

but you don't really know what book you are looking for! I just fancied something "lovely", I had the need for a new book, and the local book shop kept calling to me. After several visits, not finding quite what I was looking for, today I went in and this book was right at the front, and in the sale - yay! I love a bargain! It is the history of the rose from Roman times to the present day. The cover is beautiful, and the plates inside are lovely, even if I never read it, it is a beautiful book to flick through, and has filled my need for a "lovely" book. 

Another recent purchase - which was an absolute bargain - is my fab 4 in 1 rice cooker. I originally bought a Cusinart one, which decided to leak water all over the worksurface, as you can imagine I wasn't too impressed. So after reading reviews on Amazon (which did warn about the leaking!) I decided to try this Tefal...IT IS FAB!
DH is currently working very late nights, last night he got home at 1.30am, so this little beauty has been a boon. DD and I had rice which was cooked perfectly in 15 mins, and the machine stayed on "warm" until he got back, and 1.5 hours later his rice was just as good.
Today I am trying out its slowcooking function, and it also makes porridge and can be used as a steamer. Can't recommend it highly enough - I think I am in love :-)


Serenata said...

oh that looks good. I've got a steamer which I use for our rice but it is right fiddly having to clean all the bits and pieces. Making a paella tonight...or maybe tomorrow.

MelMel said...

Cool idea!
I got a halogen oven for Christmas its fab!

Country Girl said...

That looks like a lovely book.
BTW, I am doing my first level 2 course with the OU and it is another environmental one - slightly terrifying as I have to do an exam in October! Eeek!

A Bun Can Dance said...

I love the sound of your new book - it's just the kind of read I"d choose too. In fact, any books about flowers / gardening make me smile :-)
Enjoy your book browsing,
Denise x