Thursday, 13 January 2011


When I was a little girl, I used to spend my afternoons after school with an elderly next door neighbour called Mrs Lodge. She used to make me sugar sandwiches on wholemeal bread with Stork. After tea we would play a card game, and this was something I had forgotten until I came across a pack of Lexicon cards recently.
We haven't played it yet, as I have forgotten how, but I intend to get the instructions out tomorrow and remind myself. Wouldn't it be funny if we never played the game properly, just a version that she made up!! It was always very serious, and turned into marathon sessions.

At the same time I picked up Lexicon, I also picked up Lotto which we played on Christmas afternoon. It is complete, and the numbers are all on little pieces of wood. We had a lovely time, especially as we were making up our bingo calls - two fat ladies, 22!

Jack Straws was a game I played when I was little too, at a friends house, so I couldn't resist treating myself when I saw it last year.

These boxes give me so much pleasure. Just looking at them, the quality of the boxes, the typeface and general design, but more especially the history of them. Who played them? Who won? How much joy did they bring to families?

So much social history.


VintageVicki said...

What great finds :) It fab when you find things that bring back such strong memories.

Best thing I've found recently is a complete set of vintage Happy Family cards - just a shame no-one will play them with me :(

Kaye said...

Ha ha! This reminds me of when I went on a hunt to find Chunky the version of Candyland that I played as a kid. Not the updated version. Blech!