Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

We had a lovely, quiet start to 2011.

DD is ill with a bad cold which may result in a fight with the Dr receptionist tomorrow to get her an appt - let's see.

I have been fighting with my second assignment for this current course. I had a light bulb moment earlier today, and then have worked on it since 1pm, so now it is complete I have sent it! I really can't see me wanting to reread it, so good luck, marking tutor, you may need it with this one!

We have had 2 eggs so far this year too, which after a drought of about 4 months is lovely. We have fattened the girls up with porridge, which they love and has helped keep them warm in the cold, cold weather, but now they are looking rather plump. I must get some photos.

Anyway, off now for a well deserved glass of red, then off to bed and 2 more days off work (one on my own!! no assignment either, can't wait - I haven't knitted for weeks and am desperate). I will take the rest of the decs down tomorrow, the tree came down today and it is all looking very sad. I usually like it when the tree comes down as the room looks fresh and bright, but this year it all feels like it has been too quick.

Oh well, I bought my first bunch of daffs today x

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mad about bags said...

sorry to hear DD is unwell - good luck with the receptionist!!!

hope you have a lovely day alone with your knitting - don't forget to show us what you make!!!