Saturday, 22 January 2011

What a busy day!

My first weekend day off since about the middle of December, so we were up and out early. We dropped DD off at work, and DH went to get his back done, so with half an hour to myself, I wandered into town for a coffee and a read of the civilised. I wandered past Shakespeare's Birthplace - look! No tourists!!!!! I said it was early, I certainly couldn't have got this photo half an hour later.

 Opposite the Birthplace is the Christmas Shop, it looks so pretty so worthy of a photo.
As you can see, the weather continues to go crap, horrible light, very chilly and a light layer of mist but not enough to see if you get what I mean, it was just grey and miserable.
 So, with that in mind I had to buy Daddy Aardvaak, mummy and baby still have their christmas ribbons on, but perhaps it was in celebration of becoming a family of three. Anyway, these are DHs aardvaaks, he is very happy to have the full collection. They are a warmer orange than this, but again it is the crappy light.
 I got a cat bowl at my local CS for a fab 79p, and they are all very happy with it, and I got this bowl (below) for the Featheries.
 They seem to like it but couldn't see their grapes, and I got a look as if question my absolute stupidity at giving them an empty bowl, but then suddenly they saw the grapes - happy Chooks!
 I went and rescued my fabulous tin. I first saw this before Christmas, and mentioned it to DH. He decided just before Christmas to go get it for me....on the day it started to snow. A journey that normally takes about 10 mins took him one and half hours, and when he got there, it was closed!! So we popped back today, and I thought it had gone, but it was hiding in a corner. It is now sitting very proudly in the kitchen with this in it - see below!
 A portuguese Bolo Rei! Mum sent me one on 9th of December and it arrived on 12th of January and was flatter than an envelope, so she very kindly me sent me another. This was posted on the 19th of January!! Amazing! I shall enjoy some of this tonight :-)
 Such a lovely day, and thoroughly spoiled! Dh bought me 2 more trolly things for my bracelet. The red one is for Valentine's Day, and the silver one is for getting a distinction for my last course. It is called Love Lies Within, because the bumpy bits you can just see on the inside are hearts. It can be engraved, but we couldn't think what to put on it, so for now it is plain.
And finally, the epitome of a harmonious day! Archie and Topsey are sharing the cat blanket in front of the fire. Archie (ginger) is 19, blind and deaf but copes very well, and Topsey is one of our rescue cats, she doesn't normally tolerate anyone, but I guess today she was desperate for the heat - she can normally be found lie full length against a radiator....sweating!!! She is lovely, but has a few disgusting habits!
Anyway, off to enjoy a glass of wine, some cheese and bread and a quiet evening in front of the telly. Back to work tomorrow.


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a lovely day!
Love the troll beads! I have a pandora bracelet and am obsessed with the cute little charms at the moment!

Kaye said...

Shakey's birthplace reminds me of colonial Williamsburg--which I guess makes sense!

Don't you love it when the fur people put aside their differences in order to obtain more coziness? Hee hee!