Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Granny Squares...

I think I am doing them right. I am really pleased with them, I do need to start using some of the brighter colours too, but I think I have 100s more to do yet, so plenty of opportunity. Looking at how many I am doing a night I do need to start sewing as I go, otherwise I am going to have a job ahead of me that I won't fancy doing. I am very excited by this new found craft, and am already planning a ripple in cotton for the beach in summer - no pressure then!

And just a few photos of things that make me very happy:

The rain has finally stopped so the girls are happy, foraging amongst any shoots that are coming up for some tasty snack, ocassionally tapping on the dining room window to say a quick hello!

My beautiful bag that DH gave me for Christmas - I love it, red seems to be the colour of 2010.

Edvard Aardvark in Paris in the Sprintime - this is Edvard Jr, E Senior is sitting on a pile of Country Livings, bum-stamping them, he has obviously been talking to the cats!!

And my radio has been rescued from the patronising repair agent, and will be boxed up next week and sent to the very good people at Roberts to be repaired so I can catch back up with Eddie, Evan and John.

We are off out to friends tonight for good food, lovely company and probably a few hours on the Wii. DD is staying at home and watching a film with a friend.
Back to work tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

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Mummy Boo Bear said...

Seriously jealous of those crochet squares! I have been attempting to learn but have not done anything of any use yet! I even printed off a few how to tut s on the net but cant make nor tail of them after the first round. Grrr its bugging me.

Hope you get your rather lovely radio repaired it must be really frustrating.

Have a good week.