Friday, 22 January 2010

A day in which I start looking for my mojo.....

it went a long time ago - not just my knitting mojo, but my whole life mojo. It has come back for short periods at various times, but overall it hs been very sadly lacking for at least 7 years. I have done various things to sort myself out, in fact you name it, I have probably tried it. It disappeared so slowly I didn't really notice it go, it seeped out of my life and it felt too late to try and get it back when I woke up one day and noticed it had gone.
This morning I decided to get it back, no more messing around. It struck me that it wasn't going to come back unless I go out there and grab it by the scruff of the neck. I guess it feels a bit like trying to stroke a timid animal - if I sit still and keep very very quiet, it will creep over out of curiosity, sniff around a bit but flee as soon as I even try and make eye contact. I have tried this technique with no success for too long a part of my life - I am now going to start being more proactive. So today I have done nothing other than what I wanted to do.

So by 9am I had made some cookies.

I feel this is verging on healthy as the mix contains oats AND raisins, and Amelie and Audrey eggs.

The finished article - yummy.

I have challenged myself to one recipe a week from this book:

Last week it was the chocolate cupcakes. Not sure about next week this space.

Anyway, a cookie has been eaten, a cup of tea has been drunk, granny squares have been played with and lots of blogs have been visited. I have enjoyed today. 

I also painted my nails - I have always wanted to paint my finger nails red, but have always waited for them to be long enough!! WTF - if I wait for that I will never have red nails - how ridiculous. I also think I can't have red nails for work - I am not at work today or tomorrow, so why not!! They have given me so much pleasure already, love 'em!

I also did 40 mins on the Wii on Just Dance. Again, if I wait to be a size 12 again, it will never happen if I just wait for it to appear.

I am starting to find my mojo.



Anonymous said...

Good Luck! ... :0)

lemonade kitty said...

good on you, spending the day just doing as you please.I'm dying to crochet some granny squares, I've seen the pattern, got the hook now I just need to fathom out the stitches!!! I saw the book in Smiths yesterday but didn't have time to "sneek a peek"

Lucey xx

lemonade kitty said...

Missed out "Hummingbird" book there x

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well done you.
I'm loveing the once a week hummingbird baking session, I make the vanilla cup cakes quite alot.
Keep that mojo going.
Luv Sophie xxx