Saturday, 22 November 2008

No FOs.....

just a few photos, so please feel free to click away now!

It has gone really very cold, the sky went pink the other night. I tried to get a couple of photos, not fab, but gives an idea:

And just to give you an idea as to how cold it is, look at the old boy. Can anyone smell burning cat??

Oh yes, look at my furry, burny lovelieness.......are you loving me?

He gets so close to it, and is almost too hot to touch, and then he will stretch out and put his paws almost on the grate...silly boy!!

Next up, I have been bidding and winning on Ebay, but can't show you as it is a christmas present for someone who reads this blog. I so want this, it is fab, and photos will follow......I must keep looking to see it another one comes up.

AND a parcel which arrived from mum, a Bolo Rei....bad photo, but as soon as I liberate it from the packaging I will take more photos

To answer a question - what is a fry up? A fry up is a traditional english breakfast, which normally includes:
a fried egg (sunny side up I believe it is called)
sausages (link)
fried tomatoes
fried bread
fried bacon
baked beans (if you are really lucky)
black pudding (yuck!! - this is a sausage made with pigs blood, fried and cut into slices)
then toast and marmalade

and of course a cup of tea!! This is of course why I am so healthy - cough cough!

A pretty good photo of this feast can be found here. Enjoy!

PS I have almost finished the cross stitch I am working on, so photos will follow soon, in the meantime a question. I am going to get it stretched and framed with someone, should I wash it and iron it first??

Must go, Gary and the Boys are on X Factor - swoon!

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Bezzie said...

Very interesting. King Cake is more of a Lenten deal in the southern US if that girl from Louisiana in 3rd grade wasn't lying to me! Ha ha!
And we call that breakfast at my house a "rib sticker"!
But the cats? Oh those suckers act the same no matter what country you're in--they're heat whores for sure!