Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My day in Pictures.....

I started off by feeding the Christmas Cake.

First off it looked like this:

A large 8" fruit cake.......

Then you have to poke it with holes - this is why I am a knitter, just so I have the DPNs in to poke holes in my cake..I debated the Harmonies but couldn't bring myself to use them, so the one that was used is modelling proudly in the middle of the cake.....here we go:

Next step, pour brandy or whatever else you happen to have handy...the bottle I used has been around about 4 years and is only used to feed the cake. Today was the last of this bottle, next week I move on to Courvoisier. DH has a bottle he was given a long time ago but we don't tend to drink spirits, so it will now be used copiuosly...odd thought, we don't drink it but do enjoy a very tipsy fruit cake - go figure!

Anyway, here it is minus DHs mug of tea (he was working from home today)...

6 or so more weeks of feeding and then it will be ready to cover in apricot jam, a layer of marzipan and then icing....we are eyeing up plastic robins this year by way of decoration, but this could change depending on DDs mood - watch this space.

What else did I do today.....well I decided as per previous post to make hearts for Christmas Decs...as I got to 2pm and was hunched over my sewing machine with my back and shoulders sore and tight, I was questioning who had the bloody silly idea of making hearts for the house...Why do I read blogs where the houses look beautiful, they write lovely books and then I think I can translate it into my life......bla!!

I am NOT giving up, here is my sewing day in photos:

First off, my beautiful fabric

Next my beautiful fabric AND the book of inspiration...a gorgeous book called Crafting Christmas Gifts by Tilda. I love the projects in this book and hope can I do the most simple thing justice....once again watch this space, I will photo the tree for a little admiration. I also have another of her books: Sew Pretty Homestyle, one day my house will look like this.

By 2pm I stopped for a break. ANOTHER cup of tea, a mince pie, and some High School Musical kitchen towel (which we are NOT allowed to use, DD won't let us - she was at school!!)

Then about 5pm I had a pile of these...little hearts that need stuffing, a ribbon on the back and a neatly sewn seam...28 of them!! And this is only one fabric, I have 2 more to go - yikes!

Have I ever shared with you my light fitting sticker in the dining room? Thought not, so here it is.....I am and always was a Starsky girl....you??


knittingozfan said...

oh definately Starsky!! It was the cardi that did it for me! the style, the style!!

Bezzie said...

I'm fascinated by your fruitcake. I think they call that a poke cake/tipsy cake in the south here. Well not the fruit cake, but any cake you poke and saturate in liquid/booze.

Nell said...

Dpn's as cake testers! I love it!