Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Blog Stalker Two-fer

This is week 4 and 5....I seem to have missed 1, 2 and 3, but better late than never..
Two subjects this week: F
First up: Favourite Breakfast..I have given this a lot of thought...do I go for museli which I quite like and have nearly every morning, do I go for a good old fashioned fry up which I always have when I am away, porridge which I love love love, fruit on a sunny day on a beach in the sun - has anyone ever told you that I sometimes find it very difficult to make a decision??? Anyway having given it a lot of thought (can you tell), my current favourite breakfast was the one that DH and I had when we went away for a night in June. We stopped in the Hyatt in Birmingham a LOT of stories up on the only hot weekend we had....DH and I had a lovely time, relaxed, chilled, fab and drank TOO MUCH BUBBLY STUFF and we stopped on the Club floor so had access to the Guest Lounge and met a couple of B List Celebs (look we don't get out much - we were excited). The view was stunning, the sky was blue and for breakfast we got silver service room service. We had the full works - cereal, fry up, toast, orange juice and tea and proper linen serviettes....yes this really is my current favourite breakfast....

Second Up: What makes me into a human being in the morning - very simple for me, a cup of hot water, lemon, ginger and honey; a kiss from a cat and walking to town with DD. We get to spend a bit of quality time together; we get aboaut 30 minutes of time before we get into school or work, we walk down the Tramway where we get to see dogs, rabbits and squirrels AND 30 minutes of daylight which is in very short supply at the moment, and I need as much Vitamin D as I can get.

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Ok, I give up! What's a "fry up"?