Thursday, 14 June 2007

Why do I not concentrate...

I cannot get this heel right. It is squiffy off centre.....I am going to tink back to the beginning of the heel and try again - sigh!

DH is working late again tonight. Apparently tonight could be so late that he may not come back, and it could entail working all weekend too. And it is work ;-) he is so bloody stressed when he is here, with a decidedly non-perky look about him. Roll on Woolfest, and a long weekend in the Lakes.

Can you tell I am knitting with the pattern on the laptop on (funnily enough) my many little posts in so little time.

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Batty said...

Have a blast! A weekend is exactly the right amount of gone. I know I typically enjoy the first 2 days DH is gone, and then the pining sets in. But a weekend is perfect for knitting.

As for your heel... nobody will ever know. Unless it's visibly on the side of your foot, it'll look OK.