Saturday, 16 June 2007

Crappy Ass Stash

How do you know that you have a crappy ass stash? When you spend all afternoon photographing all of it, posting it on Ravelry and thinking "bugger me, is that it? Is that what is taking up so much room in the corner of the living room?"

Now to work out what I want to knit, listing my yarny needs and buying some decent stuff that I can be proud when I get to Woolfest......

the question is - should I ditch the crap?????? Some of it is over 5 years old, has been knitted into various different things and is still sitting half frogged in the corner. I must have loved it once, but now - I suppose I feel guilty that I spent money and have effectively wasted it Ggggrrrr! (angry face!)


Bezzie said...

Hm, I have some crap in my stash (as I type this there's a thick ole hunk of Red Heart in my lap!) but it really does come in handy for me. I'm using it for all types of things--penises, microphones, baby hats....Quickie projects.

But if it makes you unhappy, maybe it's time to ditch it.

Batty said...

You could do a stash sale on your blog! You may not like some of the stuff, but maybe someone else wants it. It'll give you extra yarn money for the new stash too.

Fiberfool said...

Hmmmm, get rid of the crap! Life is short, let's not fill our short lives with a bunch of crappy yarn.
Just my humble opinion.