Monday, 18 June 2007

Crappy Ass Stash #2

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A decision has been made - I have lots of acrylic and don't enjoy knitting baby stuff.
There are lots of people who enjoy knitting baby stuff and have no acrylic......

So, it is off to be donated to those people who would like it, leaving me to be completely selfish and use the stuff I want to keep, like the handspun I have had sent, the Debbie Bliss that was gifted, and the Socks that Rock that I have yet to get my hands on :-)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, hope you approve the decision ;-)


Batty said...

Great idea! Come to think of it, I should probably donate the Red Heart I bought for the Very Tall Socks that will never get made to a school or an old people's home. Donation is great because that way, the yarn goes to a good place where it can make someone happy, just like yarn is supposed to.

Bezzie said...

Rest in Peace Crappy Ass Stash!