Thursday, 21 June 2007

Happy Summer Solstice

DH has finally made an appearance before midnight! I AM married! He and DD are now out doing her paper round, and then he is off to get a chinese - yummy! And maybe I bottle of red if I ask nicely. I have changed my day off and will now be off to pick strawberries and make jam. That should sort out the pile of jam jars gathering on my kitchen work surface:

Knitting Update:

'Vog On no 1 is done....I'll cast on for no 2 tonight. I want the pair done before Woolfest next week...dear god I am SO excited.....lamas, yarn, fellow knitting-types, can life get any better??

And now, tonights Chinese:

Starting top right, and working clockwise we have:

chips - 'cos DH is british, so we have to have chips
Prawn Crackers
Crispy Beef
Fried Rice
Beef Curry
Spare Ribs
Beef and Tomato

I am now going to sit and moan about the fact that I am a UK size 13. I tried a skirt on in Principles yesterday, size 12 too small, size 14 too big - Fuck!
And to dance around my wicker man nekkid for the Summer Solstice, 'cos I can.

Found this picture of DD

who does she remind you of????


Bezzie said...

Wow, you're quick with a vog!

I have that size 12/14 problem too. Sigh. Why can't it all be standard???

Batty said...

Love the way the sock came out! Great color yarn.

Looks like you had a real solstice party, complete with takeout and wicker man! Good times!

Queen of the froggers. said...

I am a size 15, I know the frustration, I squeeze into 14's in some hope that a manufacturer will start making 14's just that bit bigger!! :)

Rebel said...

Mmmmmm Strawberry Jam! Yummers.

You know, that skirt doesn't look too difficult, you could always take up sewing! - zuma

Fiberfool said...

At least you are having fun knitting and eating yummy Chinese food. Clothing is fickle, we don't change the sizes change. right? My clothes are always shrinking.

Sophie said...

I love your version of Vog On. The color is nice.

JRS said...

Your vog on is really cute. I just started #1 and I'm having fun with it. I'd never done a picot BO before and enjoyed it. Right now mine is still just about an inch long, so seeing yours complete and looking so nice was really reassuring.

Your daughter has the coolest glasses, btw!