Wednesday, 13 June 2007


It has been a couple of hours, I have turned the heel and things are starting to move upwards. Then I fucked up the heel flap, so need to go back and redo that bit.....but anyway it is moving apace. And this once again, is a knitting blog - woo hoo!!!

And yes, that is himself in the background. He got back about an hour ago, and helped himself to cheese on toast, as the kitchen is closed.

And yes, that yarn really is that green!!!!


weezalana said...

HA HA - the kitchen is closed!

*files away for future use*

Bezzie said...

Love the green! After the heel it always goes by quick!

Batty said...

Ditto on the closed kitchen. Great idea.

Love the bright green. Now you're done with the hard part!