Sunday, 2 May 2010

Vintage and Handmade Fair

Didn't we have a lovely day, it was all I hoped for and more. The weather held off and was quite warm, and we had a beautiful meandering drive through the Cotswold countryside to get to Chipping Sodbury.
Was it worth the drive to get there?
Oh yes! Not just for the Fair but to see the countryside shining in the May sunshine.

The Fair was fab, so many lovely things and so many lovely people.

A few weeks ago I said to DH that I fancied a day full of loveliness, and yesterday I got my wish.

We arrived at 9.55am and joined the excited queue that had already gathered. The town bells chimed 10am, and the queue shuffled expectantly, and then the doors opened.

DH and I headed straight to the main hall as the entrance hall was already crowded. We walked around looking at the beautiful items displayed, and I spotted Niki's gorgeous stand and discussed the fab cushions with a keen customer who wasn't sure which one to buy. Both were beautiful and luckily it wasn't a choice I had to make as having 4 cats, cushions that beautiful aren't coming into my house. The work was so intricate and quite took my breath away. I imagine the lady I was talking to is sitting gazing at hers right now.

We wandered round and found these lovely people Henhouse and their beautiful stand. I treated DH to this

which he is very happy with, and I now fear I have started a collecting bug for these books.

And I also bought these
My photos really don't do the colours any justice. They are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist them, and could easily have cleared all of her stock. We chatted about their recent holiday, though it is strange to know about people I have never met because I follow their blog.

DH treated himself to these
and a vintage school room poster of the building of the Wear Bridge in Sunderland.
These were from Country Cottage Chic.

We grabbed ourselves a cuppa and some very tasty cakes, and took stock, and walked around again, and again, and once again.

I also bought these lovely smellies pictured below from Slimbridge Soaps. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and has created some wonderful products that smell gorgeous. Some soaps, bathbombs and lip glosses - the hyacinth bathbombs are mine!!!
I managed not to take any photos, but to be honest it was so busy the photos wouldn't have been very successful. All stands were about 4 deep at most times. Everyone was very friendly, and the atmosphere was electric. There was so much to see, and an awful lot of "do you remember that...", "I had one of those when I was little...", "goodness me, I haven't seen one of those for years...."

Will DH and I being going back on November 28th?
Most definitely...hopefully then I will spot some people whose blogs I read, as yesterday I didn't see anyone but having said that it was so busy, even if I had arranged to meet anyone I probably wouldn't have found them. And if I had been looking out for someone carrying a CK bag, well I guess that was all of us there. It was almost like a CK convention lol.

What really made my day. We popped into Poppies for a bite of lunch (the cafe across the road from the Townhall), and a couple of older ladies came in dressed in very spring-like pastel shaded macs. They placed their order and when I looked up again they were both sucking strawberry milkshakes through pink straws, with very satisfied expressions on their faces. On the way out I stopped for a quick chat, and apparently they had moved onto milshakes as they were all "tea'd out".

Other things: today I have baked

These spotty cupcakes papers were bought in a great cake decorating shop just up the road from the Fair, and the red food colouring was from there too. She had a great range so I will be ready to stock up on bits for my Christmas cakes when we go back in November.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Fair, your stock was fabulous and your talents amazing. I am so looking forward to seeing what you have for Christmas.


Kissed by an Angel said...

Glad you had a great time!! Kelly and Victoria were there!! Love the cupcakes!!! Yum!!

maryannlucy said...

I looked out for them, and the lady fron Henhouse was too. I was sad not to put faces to blogs, but will definitely make more of an effort in November.

Floss said...

EVERYTHING looks so wonderful! My MIL has kept that very jigsaw, and I snapped some photos of relevant counties last time we went travelling round the UK, to illustrate my blog posts! It's a lovely find.

Justine said...

Hello, sounds like you had a great time! I'm considering travelling down for the November fair and having a girlie weekend with my pal. How are you getting on with swap stuff? Justine xx

Kelly said...

Wasn't it great? I have to tell you there was a girl with her mum there who looked just like your daughter! I ran up the rouad to say hello to 'you'
Erm it wasn't you but it amused Victoria!!

Bezzie said...

Ok, that cat game looks hilarious! Ha ha!

Sarah said...

You got some great buys - I wish I could have got there now! Those cupcakes look really scrummy.

Indigo said...

the red cupcakes are the best cupcakes :) you should definatly make some more so I can eat them all.... :)

Love DD