Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wow, where is the time going??

I don't seem to get the chance to post. It isn't through lack of things to post, purely lack of time, and I can see that things aren't liable to improve - yikes! My course starts on Saturday and looks pretty intense - so apologies in advance for how things may get worse from here on in. I am popping onto blogs to see what others are up to, and sometimes even commenting (!!).
Work is also getting busy......

BUT whilst my course starts on Saturday, there is also this

can't wait!!! Who will I see there? Looking forward to meeting people I only know through blogs (and also buying a few treats, which I will post on Sunday!)

Who's coming??


LissyLou said...

so excited about sat! glad you'll be there.....i think i'll wear a greeny/turquoise cardi with little heart buttons and my cath kidston bag...so look out for me!! won't be there till 12/1pm probably though....but will be around chipping sodbury for the rest of the day.

maryannlucy said...

DH said that should narrow it down to at least 50 people lol! He is probably right. My CK bag is red and will be with me. We will probably be there at 10am, and then have a wander round CS for a look round later, so hope to bump into you at some point!!

Note to everyone else who sees this: watch out if you are carrying a CK bag, you may be approached by someone saying hello carrying a red one!!

Jackie said...

I know what you mean about time.....I have the same problem! Sorry I can't make it to the fair, but hope you all have a lovely day x

Justine said...

Ohh I'm sooo jealous that you're going and I'm not! I've diarised the July & November events and may make the journey down, the pics look great from previous events! There's not much like that going on in my neck of the woods - gutted I must say! Let me know how it all goes and if it's worth the huge journey from Yorkshire!