Sunday, 23 May 2010

Still here!!

Assignment has got to be in onThursday -so I am planning on Wednesday as the latest. I will celebrate the small milestone with a new bead for my bracelet and catching up with everyone's blogs, and maybe putting a worthwhile posting on here too.

Just as a quick question - did you see Ashes on Friday???? OMG, what a fab end of series..I am SO going to miss it though.

Justine - Parcel went out yesterday, I really hope it is with you in the morning (and that you like it) x


Justine said...

Good luck with the assignment! I'm sure you'll do well as you've put lots of hard work in! Your parcel too was sent on saturday so he's to some smiley faces when we open them! Good Luck! Justine xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Good luck with your assignment!

I saw Ashes on friday. Great ending although did get slightly confused but think I have it all now! lol. And will miss it. DVD's here I come I think. I do think I loved the first two more.