Thursday, 1 April 2010

Corner of my kitchen...

I thought I would share with you a few photos of my kitchen, just cos I can, because it is raining and because I don't have much else to blog about...anyway, here goes:
This is where I put postcards and special bits of paper that mean a lot and also make me smile.

So, in a little more detail: I have a signed photo of Evan Davis (just got to love Evan - DH wrote to him requesting a photo for my b'day, and we got a great letter back too), an autographed postcard from Eddie Izzard, postcards from Miami Ink, Times Square and the Empire State Building (sent to me by DH and DD when they took MIL to Graceland via NYC), an autographed card from Amy Butler, a postcard of Le Mont Ventoux (that is DHs), a card about Jeff and his cats, a card of a Jack Russell that makes me giggle, and a photo of bikes (DHs again).

We went to see the fab Mr Izzard a few years ago (actually a very long time ago now I come to think about it). He was fab and I love him, and getting to meet him afterwards was such a highlight.

DD and I were lucky enough to meet Amy Butler last year. She was visiting the UK on holiday and doing some work too, and a local(ish) yarn store managed to arrange an evening with Amy. She talked about her life, how she started out and how she has got to where she is now. Afterwards she answered questions for about an hour and then we got to meet her as she signed whatever she was offered. She is a very gentle and gracious lady, a real joy to have met. If you ever get the chance to see her, please go, it is well worth it.

This just makes me laugh, the only thing missing is her knitting needles or crochet needle - ha ha!

This just makes me laugh - a lot - every time I see it.

Someone who works with DH went to Florida on holiday, and her daughter suggested popping to Miami and going to see the boys. When they got to the shop, they weren't in, but were given some cards and bits as momentos. As they walked away, her daughter said "mum, mum that is Ami!", and there they were, walking down the street towards them. They happily posed for photos and stopped and chatted. What a lucky chance, not only to go to Miami Ink, but also to actually meet the guys - I would have swooned!

This is the kitchen window - just cos! Looking a bit cramped but that is like the rest of our house. Everything is used on a daily basis - esp the glass of red I now spy at the front of the photo - well it was gone 6pm!

And finally.....
It is coming together...slowly but surely....and all credit must go to this lady

I can't thank her enough for her inspiration, her blog and her tutorials - I had never crocheted before I found her blog, look at me now.

Have a lovely weekend x


VintageVicki said...

I think you might have started something - I shall take pics of my kitchen tomorrow. My windowsill & postcard collection :)

LissyLou said...

i spy a st.ives postcard that i also have..from the chocolate shop there i think? xx

Bezzie said...

I keep the kooky postcards on my fridge.

I think I am going girly in my old age--I'm drooling over that blanket!

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love this post!! Gave me an idea too!!! I just love the Jack Russel card, it is soooo funny!!!! Love the granny squares too, they are lovely!!!

val said...

Your crochet is great! I love the colours - and it is growing! Don't we all Love Lucy! :0)
Well done,