Friday, 9 April 2010


Where did that weather come from? You can tell I am back at work on Saturday!
Yesterday was gorgeous, it felt like a summer's day. Today is nice, but cloudy, I am hoping that it will disappear after I have finished my inside stuff, so it will be nice and sunny when I go and put my potatoes in. ETA - it is burning off nicely, the front door is open, and cats are happily wandering in andout wondering what this open door policy is all about!

Yesterday was spent very productively. I cut the grass, tidied up some shrubs, and hung some bird feeders!!
ok, I have 9 on here, birds!! 9!! I want to see at least one of you making use of these! I don't want to have to throw any away due to rotting - not sure why, but our local featheries don't eat the fat balls! I just need to get some starlings...that way the tree will be stripped bear in about 5 mins! I know, I know, careful what you wish for...

DH finished work early, so we went to a local garden centre, where we sat outside drinking tea and eating home-made cake - very civilised. I bought some seed potatoes, and a jar of local honey to hopefully stave off hayfever!! Let's see!

When we got back we were interrogated as to where we had been:

Amelie and Audrey continue to be naughty and I haven't had to cut any grass on this side since last August!! Not surprising really, as we have no grass - bless em. Very cheeky, complete garden destroyers, but love them to bits. Never thought I would say that about chickens!

Also this week, after a little conversation (as in "do you remember what happened this time 20 years ago??") DH and I realised that we have been together for 20 years this week. Where have those 20 years gone....20 years is a long time, well it used to be, goodness, I have nearly been with him as long as I have been without him!! We have known each other for about 27 years, but that is a whole other story!

Have a lovely weekend. I am back to work tomorrow, so will be standing inside licking the windows desperate to get the meantime I feel the need to bake some cupcakes, and then get outside and enjoy this early summer x


RosieP said...

Today is glorious, warm and sunny. Have a great weekend

Hugs RosieP x

Maisey's Attic said...

Lovely photos!! those roses are gorgeous, and so are your chickens - I love their pink house - very tempted to get some, as we already have no grass due to dogs!!
Having read your post I'm off to do some gardening, and sort out my bird feeders - xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Gorgeous weather today!! I love your beautiful roses!! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

gorgeous photos!
How lovely was the weather at the weekend! Finally got my garden straightened out!!

Justine said...

Hello there I'm your 'Good Enough To Eat, Swap partner! Loving the pics of your roses and your chickens are sooo cute - we have an eglu in purple for our 2 rabbits!