Friday, 13 November 2009

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for stopping by and leaving your ideas...

2 to paint the dresser versus 1 not to....the photos just shouted that with the red wall it really doesn't work, and yes the items really don't stand out at the mo either....and the idea of a poly coat is clever, that could be good.
I DO really want to but DH isn't keen, there's a lot of family history to it, and he really doesn't like things "messed with". I don't like the colour, when we ordered it (eons ago) we ordered waxed, and when it was delivered it was stained (and like all things stained it has darkened over the years). It had been such a struggle to get to the stage of owning a dresser that we were just over joyed when it arrived, but now I do dislike it, but I am also concerned about my ability to turn it to shabby chic that is good as opposed to ending up with a piece of furniture I dislike even more - rock and a hard place!
So the plan is to paint the whole room snowflake, live with it over Christmas, hang the lipstick red curtains (life gets busy at work this time of year, so could do without the added pressure anyway), and see how I feel about it in January. I love, love, love the red, so would like to see it in the room, and it does look good with my huge Robbie photo. (Christmas pressie from DH a few years ago - I happened to walk past a shop and say "aw, Robbie", and guess what I was unwrapping a few months later!)

Photo by Mario Testino, as seen in my dining room.

Tomorrow the forecast is horrible, so it looks as though I could be painting some more, and perhaps get the chance to browse some blogs and talk to DH about painting the dresser.

And if you have samples of turkey dimples and elephant breath, I would love to see them - hee hee!

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Just popping around to visit everyone I haven't met before that is taking part in the Secret Santa Swap. Loving everyone's blogs, my reading list is growning!!!

Lots of Love

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