Sunday, 1 November 2009

Christmas Ads have started - hurray!! I love November 1st ;-)

Bloody hell!!

How infuriating!!!!

I fancy getting a dolls house - don't ask me why, anyone who knows me will be completely surprised by this, as this is not usually my "thing", little fiddly things that require lots of patience - though I swear that before I get one I WILL finish the sweater that I am knitting (and this time it is for me). Maybe it is psychological (sp?), I thought it would be fun, something to have a bit of a play with. So I bid on one, lost it and wanted one a little bit more. I bid on another, got beaten in the last few seconds, literally, and wanted one even more!!! Then I find a lovely one, watch it nearly all day, make a bid only to be told I am the highest bidder BUT have not met the I think about it, do I REALLY want it, how much am I prepared to pay (remembering to rein myself in and not go mad) etc etc and make another bid, the highest I am prepared to go to, and guess what, I AM THE HIGHEST BIDDER BUT HAVE NOT MET THE RESERVE.
If you want a certain price for an item, then put the minimum you want for it as the starting price - this is surely not a dificult concept. I am so bloody annoyed..............and breathe!!!
I have emailed the seller asking what the reserve was, you never know, I might actually hear back, but at the mo........nothing!!!

ETA: Have just had a message from the seller, the reserve was way above what I wanted to pay - bugger.........

In the meantime I will post some lovely photos from last night. We only had 3 lots of trick or treaters come to the house, but in total about 40 was great, so many fantastic costumes, and so many little people having a lovely time. At one point the street looked like a scene from Sabrina the Teenage Witch - have I mentioned that is my favourite programme. I was thinking that we weren't going to get any knocks on the door, and then they came in large numbers. I think it is because we live on the corner of the street, and that is where everyone seemed to be congregating.
DH decorated the house at the very last minute, and once again went a little OTT. Have a look:

DDs eyes really are red!!

Homemade cakes in red and blue with black butter icing - gotta love food colours!!
Then today, I have been very busy (when not watching auction sites for dolls houses). I have made some quince jelly - not sure why, but the local shop had quinces in and I was intrigued. Apparently you eat it with cheese. Whatever, I just love the colour.

Isn't that orange just a beautiful colour?? I think so.
And as I am working late for 4 nights next week, I got this weeks meals cooked, so they won't have kebab or takeaway or whatever might be easier - hah!!

Spag Bol, Beef and Ale Stew, Lasagne and Chicken One-Pot and they taste better than they have photographed, thank god, otherwise it would have been kebab and takeaways!!!
PS - If anyone hears of dolls house going for a reasonable price, let me know. Or failing that, tell me why I really don't want one........

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