Sunday, 29 November 2009

Only 26 days to go apparently....

and I am getting excited. The christmas DVDs are out and ready to go - first up will be Elf...can't wait!

I am finding it difficult to keep up with blogging, and I am only looking to post once a week - sad isn't it.
No photos either, and we saw a beautiful herd of deer today and even DH said "where is your camera?!?!"

What has happened this week? Not too much really:
- work has been super busy. We had our first late night which was busy. We gave out lots of chocolates, had the chance to talk to people, and listen to the children telling us that they had seen Father Christmas switch on the Christmas Lights (photos will follow - the lights are, once again, spectacular). It is good to see so many happy people getting excited about Christmas.
- my first day off this week was Friday and I am ashamed to say that I didn't get half as much done as I had planned. I was going to get most of the decorations put up (to save time later in the month), get the curtains up in the dining room, tidy the spare room, sort out the freezer etc etc etc. What did I get done? comparitively nothing...I cleaned the living room and got out 3 candles, inc the advent candle. Put up DDs advent calender, hung up my garland...hang on I might have a photo from last year

Yep, there it is. This year the metal Father Christmas is hanging on the living room door, and the oranges are waiting to be dried out and strung. And that is about all I did. In the evening we popped over to Touchwood to have a look round John Lewis, I love their Christmas Dept, and to spend some time with DD, we held her captive in the car, and released her into the shop centre where she took off quickly into TopShop, H&M and Miss Selfridges. We did get to spend about 20mins with her, which was lovely. The rest of the time she had her ipod plugged in - sigh!
- I was off today, and DH and I went into town and picked up the christmas toilet roll and kitchen towel - wouldn't be Christmas without the Christmas loo roll hee hee! We picked up a hamper for a friends b'day from this fab shop We go to this shop every weekend, never come out without DH spending money on all sorts of yummy food, and he also gets a couple of bags of dark chocolate buttons that only he eats as no-one else in the house eats dark chocolate - maybe I should suggest loyalty cards. The food is local, very tasty and a lot of times very unusual. DD is convinced he only eats dark chocolate as no-one else will touch it - yuch!

So, not much to report, just a nice steady week leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Shopping in Birmingham this week, can't wait to go to the German Market again. And there will definitely be photos.

Have a good week x

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lulu said...

hehehehahahahohohoho .... Christmas loo paper - what a fab idea!!
My house could not be less Christmassy - no spirit at all, but now you have inspired me ...