Thursday, 12 November 2009

Snowflake and Sticky Fingers

These are the names of my paints, aren't they fabulous names? I'm afraid they haven't photographed that well; it was very dark today.

This red is VERY red, a real primary "shouty" red, and I am concerned that it is shouting against the orange of the pine - which I am sure wasn't that orange until I painted the wall red!!

In the picture above the colour above the picture rail is white, and the colour below is snowflake - this is a lovely colour, white with a hint of grey but not cold.

And the photo above shows the pine against the snowflake.

The original plan was to have the red wall as a feature wall, with the dresser against it, but having painted it, I am not happy with the clash of colours. The reason I thought this should be the feature wall is because my curtains are red and I wanted to put them against the snowflake, so now I have a few Plans Bs...

Plan B No 1: Go with it as it is......(this may make me twitch though...........a lot!! that red and the pine..hhmmm, really not sure)
Plan B No 2: Switch the walls, make the feature wall (the one with the dresser) snowflake, and the other walls red - but that could be a bit OTT.
Plan B No 3: Leave it as it is and paint the dresser cream/white or snowflake - DH really isn't too keen on this.
Plan B No 4: Any other suggestion....

I would really welcome any suggestions that anyone may have. Please let me know your thoughts, I really look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks x


Krysstyllanthrox said...

I would paint the pine. The orange tones in it are going to be really hard to deal with and having a nice crisp white (with a nice poly coat on top to make it easier to clean) would mean you could do more with color.

Jane said...

I would most definitely paint the pine but I have painted all my furniture so perhaps I'm biased!
All you things on the dresser would stand out more with a pale background.
Hope you will be happy with what ever you choose.

lulu said...

Hee hee, that reminds me - when we were looking at paint colours for our new house, these two caught my eye : turkey dimples and elephant breath (what colour IS that?)
I would not paint the dresser, all the furniture I have ever painted looked awful! Maybe you can varnish it a darker stain - more mohagany-ish? Good luck, whatever you decide!! lotsa love, lulu